Big family?

Any fellow mum's on here with a big family, trying to find the balance to maintain the best health for you and them?


  • New_me_19
    New_me_19 Posts: 40 Member
    hey, im a mum of 4 girls :) add me if you want
  • mabearof6
    mabearof6 Posts: 684 Member
    6, kids here plus my oldest daughters bff, that we took in years ago. They are older now.
  • emeraldwoods4214
    emeraldwoods4214 Posts: 177 Member
    Yes I have 8 kids... a few are step children... I usually cook three dinners! Kids, husband and for myself 😂
    Sometimes I’ll just make a huge batch of roasted veggies and then whatever protein we’re having, I’ll cut off a portion and cook it in a low cal way for me and then cook the rest for kids.
    Please add me! I’m looking for any support and motivation 🥰
  • NQTB
    NQTB Posts: 2 Member
    Newbie with 8 kids. Would love insight from other moms of big families.