The Shyness

I think that is why I love MFP so much. I can hide behind my computer screen and still be social. I have tried Weight Watchers but put in me in a group setting where I have to speak in front of people.... I die a million deaths each time. Once I am comfortable I don't shut up. I love talking to people getting to know people.... But getting there is hard. When I type messages I have time to think, edit and then send. I work in a professional setting so I have improved and have gotten to the point I can get through it. But it does not come natural. It is great to have a community with similar goals and a chance to get to know people from all over the place.


  • mockchoc
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    Ok........I so thing we better be friends. I am so like that.
  • Katmary71
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    I'm like that too! I have two presentations coming up and I'm losing sleep over it. I hate social anxiety. I wish I wasn't so freaked out by that stuff. I'm fine online too.
  • Terytha
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    Yeah, I'm pretty bad at in-person social settings. I'm usually semi OK once I'm there but my anxiety makes it miserable to get that far.

    I love the internet for that reason.
  • SuperSlayer81
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    So true and I really don't think people understand how much work, effort and practice we need to put into seeming natural/confident IRL when we have to, its exhausting!! 😂🙈
  • quarterhorseygirl
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    I totally sympathize with this...super introverted and shy and easily mortified...this gives me a place to feel comfortable about sharing the experience and getting support without getting forced into an uncomfortable situation.
  • seltzermint555
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    I am not shy at all and I'm honestly very comfortable talking to big groups, being the center of attention, etc. But I enjoy interacting on forums like this one, because I can do it at my own convenience and not feel obligated to participate a certain amount.

    As for this particular forum (MFP), it's great (as others have said including quarterhorse just above) to share the experience and get support and ideas without being forced into an uncomfortable situation. For me that "uncomfortable situation" isn't social interaction in general, but the topic of health and weight loss. I know many people who are trying to lose weight or make health changes but most of them are very drastic in one particular diet or idea and don't take a more general, sensible approach. I tend to become annoyed or just drop out of any conversation where a friend is whining that they have given up their 16 favorite foods and lost "only 10 lb in a week" and passed out at work. I just can't go there. So it's better to chat about it here w/ likeminded MFP-ers.
  • leilaengelbrecht001
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    I'm super not shy buuut I do LOVE meeting and getting to know new people 😊
  • mikebolt87
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    Feel free to add me and we can both hide behind the computer. Lol.
  • TayaCurragh
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    I'm kind of the opposite. I'm awkward in real life until I feel comfortable with someone. But then online or via message I feel I come across cold and awkward! I work in an office and sometimes I have to rewrite my emails to make them nicer :#