How to workout with an Anterior Chest Wall Inflammation?

Hey everyone I need some help please!
I started my journey back in February and I motivated more than ever to get to my goal.
I weigh 165, my height is 5 ft 1, I’m 22 and female and my goal weight is 130. I don’t know what my body fat percentage is but I do know it’s definitely way way higher then any percentage of muscle that I have. I know my goal is to go down to 130 but it really also mainly is to decrease my body fat percentage (I have a lot surrounding my abdomen area, arms, thighs a little and glutes)
I started to strength train 3 times a week. For two days I’ll do a leg work out 3 sets of 15 (lunges, leg press (10 pounds each leg), outer hip abduction machine (100 pounds)) and once a week I will workout my arms 3 sets of 15 ( tricep rope (18 pounds), lat pull down (15 pounds), seated cable row (20 pounds), bicep curls (8pounds)). Before I warm up 15 mins on the elliptical moderate intensity or 15 minute HITT on treadmill.
I must of strained my chest wall using one of the machines. Anyways, I ended up seeing a cardiologist today and he told me that its nothing to worry about he just said I have to stop what I am doing in terms of workout and start all over, meaning to start back at a really low intensity level. Thankfully it doesn't bother me as much as I used to as I have quit using machines for about a month and now I just workout with 8 pound dumbbells but it does still bother me. I am still a beginner at the gym so I'm not really sure how to go lower than what I do already? Above I put in brackets the pounds I use when I workout.

My question is can someone PLEASE help me form a new workout routine or show me a website that can help? I really cannot afford to go see a physiologist. I know nutrition is 80% but I still would love to workout to lose weight and help build some muscle. The saddest part of this whole thing is that the gym was a place were I felt so empowered and now I feel so weak not knowing how to overcome this!

Thank you everyone!


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    The gym has trainers who can write you a training programme, and show you how to perform the exercise in person. Plus you can speak to them face to face. Help at hand.