Meat or no meat?

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Controversial. Pros and cons,
Good the bad.
Ethical or health?
What do you believe?
Who do you believe?


  • ythannah
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    No meat. It's mostly the texture that puts me off although I don't find the taste pleasant. So it's not an ethical choice or a health choice, just a personal preference.

    I've seen articles that say there's bad stuff in meat, especially cured meats, but the flipside is that apparently there are nutrients in meat that are difficult to get from other food sources. None of it makes any difference to me, I'm not going to force my dietary preferences on anyone else by spouting science that supports those choices.
  • samtarlyonadiet
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    I like to treat myself to a little meat now and then
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    Mm2Hh7 wrote: »
    I am a carnivore 🥩 😋

    Even with global warming.... ;)
  • MoKaaz
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    I'm vegetarian (kind of accidentally, didn't eat meat for a whole day while on vacation and haven't had it since) so no meat, but it's up to the individual. Personally I was never a fan of the texture, taste or smell of most meats so being Vegetarian was a way to avoid them altogether though I am not opposed to others eating meat.
  • FeelinFooFoo
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    Meat eater here who might go vegetarian one day. I dunno. One day I might just get fed up of eating meat. When that day comes, veggie for me. Until then I'l be ordering the steak.
  • Vikka_V
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    Rocko820 wrote: »
    I am a vegetarian, have been vegan before, not for ethical just grosses me out sometimes and I have 'control' issues.

    Controversial. Pros and cons, - Pros of eating meat is you have a lot more variety when you go to restaurants and just in general, vegetarianism is limiting. I think eating a balanced diet including meat is probably an easier way to get proper nutrition. I struggle with 'proper nutrition'.

    Good the bad. - We are lucky if we have the option to choose what we want to eat...I am grateful that I can eat what I like, whenever I want.

    Ethical or health? - Neither. Because I got grossed out when I was 12 at a certain Colonel chicken restaurant by veins and cartilage and at the same time learned in school how beef was 'aged' and found my cat dead in a ditch. I decided I wasn't eating meat, and equated ageing meat to roadkill (my cat). And I was a defiant 12 year old girl. People kept telling me I couldn't - so I did. Don't try to tell a 12 year old girl she has to do something!

    What do you believe? - I believe I would be healthier if I ate meat, but I don't like it - the texture mainly. I am covered in bruises often, and do supplement B12 + iron. I'm pretty picky and my "limited" diet is probably to blame.

    Who do you believe? - I believe there are arguments for everything, and trends and popular ideas get introduced and debunked daily. Who cares? I don't. Live and let live, and if animals are farmed and slaughtered humanely, thats fine. Plants are living too, and get killed to be eaten.
    I also think if you take it down to the basics, vegetables are most often grown in the ground which includes animal feces and carcases that help to fertilize. And vegetables have bugs on them, tiny bugs, some that you've probably eaten - bugs are animals too. You'd have to eat hydroponic vegetables or something exclusively to truly not eat animals.
  • grace42c
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    Pescatarian here. Never liked meat from a really young age. Tried vegan several times, but always end up fatigued and hungry.
  • ilfaith
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    Mostly pescatarian here...although I do occasionally eat poultry out of convenience. I never cared for red meat, and gave it up more than 30 years ago. Not for health or ethical reasons, but because I don't like the taste or texture.
  • JeromeBarry1
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    Rocko820 wrote: »
    Controversial. Pros and cons,
    Good the bad.
    Ethical or health?
    What do you believe?
    Who do you believe?

    I believe I like to eat.
    I believe people who say they like to eat.
  • AutumLeaf
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    No meat, for the planet & for myself.
  • AutumLeaf
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    But in general I've never been a big meat eater. Even as a young kid it grossed me out. The taste & textures of most meats has always gone through me. My family are big meat eaters & wouldn't let me be a vegetarian growing up. I've been veggie for 4/5 years now. It's literally taken the last year for my mother to finally less disrespectful about my choice although she still doesn't get it. My brother on the other hand still likes to wind me about it.
  • ChrisCatMama
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    No meat due to food allergies. I’m so severely allergic that even if my husband opens a can of tuna I get horribly sick from the smell.
    OTOH I think I would have become a vegetarian because it always bothered me about eating dead animals. I’m not the type to protest for animal rights- if I became a vegetarian voluntarily it would’ve been a personal conscience thing.
  • MikePTY
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    I eat meat. But I am sensitive to both the ethical and enviornmental concerns with doing so, so I have been trying to make certain changes to reduce consumption, especially of beef.
  • robertw486
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    I eat all the things. But similar to the above, I do have some ethical and environmental lines I draw.

    As for others, what they chose to do isn't my concern unless or until they decide that they feel I must follow their belief system.
  • Integrity_life
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    I decided on eat plant based only roughly 2 years ago when I turned 40. I initially did this for weight loss, and health. There is very little cholesterol in plantbased meals, I make a majority of meals at home now as well. Plant based lifestyles allegedly reduce the risks of prostate cancers among several others.
    Since making the change I have more energy throughout the day, no energy crashes anoymore until I am ready to sleep. I used to hit the gym 6 days a week in throughout my 20's...ate meat mainly and vegetables rarely. I have found both my muscle gains and recovery after workouts to be significantly quicker on a plant based lifestyle. If you look at all the large and strong animals throughout the world they all eat plant based....gorillas strength pound for pound can not be touched...rhinos, elephants, hippos, bison, etc... protein and health is not an issue.

    You learn what to eat and what will help you succeed on a plant based lifestyle. I have zero issues with fatigue, iron, vitamin B, etc....that is all B.S. coming from people that ate garbage plant based meals.

    If you eat all the plant based heavily processed crap on the market all the time, you likely will not reap the benefits of a plant based lifestyle. This would be the equivilent to canivores eating McD's BK or heavily processed meats day in and day out only.

    I do have ethical reasons now, I am not an activist or anything but I value all animals the same as my dog and 2 cats. I am not hipocrytical about animals by deciding which dies and which lives. They all live, and I eat just fine without them on my plate.

    There are times when I eat and its not plant based...but it is consensual.

    It may not be for you...but for me, this works.

  • Motorsheen
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    Secondhand vegetarian here. Cows eat grass and I eat cows.

    Most of my meals are vegan.

    .... I should say, most of my meals were vegans.

  • Tankiscool
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    Secondhand vegetarian here. Cows eat grass and I eat cows.

    Vinny's hot sidekick, you too are on a plant based diet?