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50y.o. F. Seeking Keto help!

adlav92adlav92 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
Considered pre-diabetic and need to prevent diabetes. In addition to all the other great health qualities. Nobody I know is doing Keto. I even had my dermatologist tell me yesterday to start eating carbs again because I have a rash on my arm! I would love it if there is somebody I could actually speak with- literally.
I have been continually trying to educate myself over the internet. But I still have so many questions!!!
Very rural area -there are no support groups.
I need somebody that has had success with Keto & willing to spend some time on the phone with me. I've been at this 3 weeks now. No sugar or substitutes, no grains, no vegetable oils.
Sincerely, Mrs. L.
In Michigan's Upper Peninsula


  • HermanLilyHermanLily Posts: 217Member Member Posts: 217Member Member
    I'm in the UP as well, imagine that. Keto is incredible, imo.
    No obvious sugar, candy bars, cake, etc.
    No white flour, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc.
    Increased energy, feel amazing, heartburn gone day 1.
  • Iwannabfit76Iwannabfit76 Posts: 101Member Member Posts: 101Member Member
    I know a lot of people on keto and it has transformed them. I love my fruit too much and don’t think I can commit. But there is a phase that you will get “keto flu”. There’s so many help YouTube pages and blogs. I wish you the best!
  • canadjinehcanadjineh Posts: 4,859Member Member Posts: 4,859Member Member
    There's a 'Low Carber Daily - Ladies over 50' group you are welcome to join. We are an offshoot of the main Low Carber Daily group which has almost 60,000 MFP members. Lots of good info & support. You can ask to join here:
  • adlav92adlav92 Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
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