Hi all I’m happy weight finally shifting lol

I was 13.13 when I started just under a month ago and I’m now 13.6 woop woop that’s half a stone in 3 wks I’m so happy I never lose that much straight away I must be doing something right for once lol I just found my size 16 jeans this morning tried them on and they fit with wriggle room whoo hoo next goal my size 14 jeans fingers xd I keep losing I can’t wait to get bk in them jeans and I swear I’m never going bk up to a size 20 again even if I stay at a 16 I will be over the moon.xxx


  • alung2k3
    alung2k3 Posts: 78 Member
    Well done. Keep up the good work, slow and steady wins the race :smile:
  • lindaevans4356
    lindaevans4356 Posts: 13 Member
    Thank you xxx
  • GluedFood
    GluedFood Posts: 2 Member
    I know it feels good when weight loss works. For me 16/8 intermittent fasting works best and it's not that difficult.
  • Katmary71
    Katmary71 Posts: 5,711 Member
    Great job! Congratulations on fitting into your size 16 jeans, you'll be going to 14s before you know it!
  • RodaRose
    RodaRose Posts: 9,562 Member
    Congratulations! :star::star::star: