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Just ran 3k

leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
OK first thing, I'm 34 years old I weigh 20st (280lbs) and Ive had a few false starts when it comes to trying to improve my health in the past, I previously joined a gym but it was in the centre of town which meant I could only go after work, I stuck it out for a while doing C25K but I lost interest after a short while.

Less than 2 weeks ago I joined a gym just at the top of the road from me which means I can go in the morning before work, so far I've been 9 out of 12 days and I'm already seeing small results.

At first I was doing a slow 2k and then I pushed myself to go for 2.5k, the last 3 visits I've ran 3k

The first 3k was 25 minutes (pretty pathetic I know) I've just got back and I managed to do it in 23 minutes and I only slowed the pace down once (and that was as fast as I can walk without running) so it is an improvement even if only a small one.

I've decided to scrap c25k, the whole stop start thing and working to prearranged achievements and running to someone else's plan just didn't work for me.

As far as I'm concerned if I am able to run 3k now then in a few weeks I'll be able to run 3.5k and then 4 etc etc

I'm not too concerned about my speed at the moment as long as I am getting in there and doing something then that is enough for me right now.

It feels pretty good though.


  • MPDeanMPDean Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
    Good work. The exercise you can stick with is the best one.

    Listen to your body, anything that doesn't feel right or any pains then rest for a while. This is a marathon not a sprint.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Surprisingly there hasn't been any pains or anything that doesn't feel right so far, my legs have felt a little tender afterwards but that passes after just a few hours, I bought a cheap pair of running trainers and they have made all the difference, when I was going to the gym before my feet would literally feel numb by the time I had finished.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    So I missed Tuesday due to bank holiday celebrations leaving me a little worse for wear (thanks to Aston Villa :smiley: )

    Yesterday I took it easy as I still wasn't feeling 100%

    Today I ran 3.5k with no breaks at all, longest distance and duration so far, I'm quite pleased with that.

    I purposely kept the speed lower so I could try to run for longer and it worked, I could have kept going but I only get so much time before work so I had to stop (I think Sundays will be the day that I really push myself because I won't have any time constraints then)

    My main problem is the little groans that my body gives for the first 1k, it isn't anything serious, it's just my bodies way of saying it would rather be in bed, once I get past that I'm generally ok.

    Really happy with myself at the moment.
  • jenilla1jenilla1 Member Posts: 9,878 Member Member Posts: 9,878 Member
  • michaelroode1980michaelroode1980 Member Posts: 163 Member Member Posts: 163 Member
    I had a nice run this morning. But had a couple of beers last night with friends so not the best

  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Ha your not so good after a few beers still makes my attempt pretty poor, something for me to work towards though, I'm only in my second week and initially struggled to run for one mile so there is time for improvement on my side
  • busyPKbusyPK Member Posts: 3,578 Member Member Posts: 3,578 Member
    Great job! Slow and steady is key and always listen to your body and take some rest days (or active rest days and just walk or bike).
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Well due to social reasons I haven't been able to go to the gym since last Thursday so I've had 4 days off.

    Initially it was a struggle just getting out of bed but at 5am in the morning I had enough clarity to think "if I don't force myself to get out of bed today then I probably won't tomorrow either" and I was up and about in no time.

    Due to the 4 day break (which involved a fair bit of drinking) I decided that I was only going to do 2k this morning because this was more about just getting in there again, I managed it no problem so tomorrow (and the rest of the week) I'll be going for 3k again and until on Sunday I'll look to try a 3.5k/4k
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    I've just had a check and in the last 12 days I've ran 3k four times, 3.5k once and 2k a couple of times, in total I've ran 20k.

    Not bad for a 20st fat man if you ask me.

    I sweat like a stuck pig though, I reckon I always will.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Had a few days off and as I mentioned in another thread, I've ate and drank like a pig for the last 3 days (I've noticed that I'm comparing myself to a pig an awful lot in these posts)

    I'm also coming to realise that if I want to keep on improving I need to look after myself a bit more, that was tough today, I can only put it down to the rubbish I've been eating and drinking, There wasn't even any social obligations to use as an excuse, just me myself and my boredom.

    I'm not beating myself up over it, it's just another lesson learned, although I am disappointed that I only managed 3k, i was really hoping to hit 4k today but I've managed to successfully derail that plan, I might go again this afternoon, try and undo some of my own bad work.
  • EmmalovestorunEmmalovestorun Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me, always here for anyone 🙂
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Well I know that I only speak to myself in this thread but I'm good with that, it's all very Zen in here

    Anyways, I've just weighed myself and I've lost 6lbs in the last 4 weeks, might not be a huge amount for someone like me but it's took me to below the 20st mark for the first time in ages.

    Another 4 weeks of this and I'll be pushing 19.5st, it's a small victory but a victory nonetheless.

    I've just gotta try and stay on track over the weekend, as I've said before I don't mind Fridays but Saturdays are lethal for me, that's when I can get silly with my food.

    I'm going to aim for my first 4k on Sunday as well.
  • grimendalegrimendale Member Posts: 2,194 Member Member Posts: 2,194 Member
    It's not just you in here, I think. The rest of us just lurk. 6lbs in 4 weeks is a nice, safe, sustainable loss, so well done there. Good luck on your 4k.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Cheers Grimendale

    Well I'm just back from my 4k effort.

    First time I've tried it and I succeeded so I'm pretty pleased with myself, it took 30 exactly 30 minutes which is pretty poor I know but I did it and I'll only get faster.

    Next week I'm going to drop back down to 3k and see if I can do it faster.

    My fastest 3k has been 22 minutes, if I can beat that and sustain it over the course of next week then my thinking is that when it comes to the next 4k effort it'll be a little easier.

    Also I've been pretty good this weekend with my eating, I've indulged a little more than I do during the week but I managed to only have a drink and a takeaway on Friday and had a nice hearty breakfast yesterday so I haven't undone the weeks hard work like I did 7 days ago.

    All in all pretty damn good I reckon.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Also when I feel like I'm not making progress I go back to my opening post.

    In the space of less that 2 months I've gone from running a slow 2k to running 3k in 25 minutes to running 3k in 22 minutes and now I'm regularly running 3.5k and have just completed my first 4k.

    Sometimes it's easy to be blind to your own achievements.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Well I ran 3.5k this morning and u was annoyed at how long it took me, then I had a look back and I've only actually ran 3.5k three times before (plus one 4k) and today I took over a minute off my time (26 minutes 11seconds, my first one 3.5k was 28minutes 21 seconds)

    I suppose it goes back to my previous post, if I didn't have anyway of tracking what I was doing I reckon I'd get pretty despondent pretty quickly, it feels great to be able to see your actual progress.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    Well I'm back again.

    Those of you in the UK will know how muggy and humid the weather has been over the last few days, my god, I didn't realise how much more difficult it would make it, I was running but I was getting all puffed out and didn't feel like I was getting a full sack of air.

    I only managed 3k today but I'm not too bothered, I did another 4k on Sunday and that was relatively easy.

    We need a good thunderstorm to sort the weather and atmosphere out.
  • grimendalegrimendale Member Posts: 2,194 Member Member Posts: 2,194 Member
    37 minutes is nothing to sneeze at. It was faster than my first 5k this year by a full minute, so well done. Yeah, it's pretty common to get a second wind coming into the homestretch. Some of it is getting warmed up and into the groove, some of it is knowing that you're almost done so you don't need to hold on to reserves, and some of it is a surge of adrenaline from the excitement of approaching the finish. My last 1-1.5k is usually my fastest in a race.
  • leebirmleebirm Member Posts: 95 Member Member Posts: 95 Member
    So since I did that 5k last week I've been getting a pain in my groin, I've only been to the gym twice since because of it, I went again today and it was still there so I quit after just 2 or 3 minutes.

    I know I need yo give myself time to recover but I also know that if I don't go then there is the possibility that I'll stop completely.

    I'm going to leave it until Monday or Tuesday and then force myself if I have to.
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