Daily weighing, your take?



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    Daily weighing and using a trend weight app (Libra) has been an absolute game changer for me. I love it. I do it because it is easier to see my progress and since I don't track/log my intake I need something to tell me what is going on over time and how to make necessary adjustments.
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    I am in the camp of weighing every day. I find that if I am doing well, I like the affirmation of seeing it on the scale every day. If I am not doing so well, it is not as crushing to see a little fluctuation every day as it is to see 5 lbs come on over a week.

    I used to weigh weekly, but the pain of working my butt off and seeing no change after a week of hard work is just too much to bear sometimes. It makes me just want to say frick it. Even knowing full well that there is a chance that I might just be retaining water on my weigh day. Whereas if I have weighed every day and I see a sudden large gain, I can be certain that it is just water. It is just not enough information to go on.
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    I weigh first thing every morning.
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    I think you should drop it, daily weigh ins can fluctuate with things that are beyond your control. Water retention, time of day, bowel movements etc all these things will affect the results.
    Weekly you get a better picture of actual loses and gains

    Unless you happen to hit a relative low day one week (random-fluctuation-wise) and a high one the following week. We see people here freaking out about that kind of scenario, when odds are good that it's not meaningful. (This is particularly true for premenopausal women just starting out on weight loss, BTW. It looks like OP is male, but other readers may not be.)

    Different routines fit different people. I like daily weighing, because it helps me understand the random fluctuations, and not be stressed by short-term weight changes.
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    When I was heavier and the weight came off more quickly, daily weighing was a good motivator and it really helped me understand normal fluctuations, water weight, etc.

    Now I've been sticking to somewhere around once a week, because I know my day can be thrown off if I'm a little heavier one day.

    As I get closer to goal I anticipate weighing about once/month. With 0.5lb/week loss rate anticipated at that point, I think weighing once a month will give me a better idea of how I'll be doing.
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    I've done both. I like to weigh every day for the most part, though it was disturbing at first to see the scale going up. I like the data. I plateaued for all of April and stopped weighing every day and went to weekly. I've gone back to weighing every day now that the scale is moving again. I use a weight trend app that shows the trend of going down. It helps to see it on gain days.

    Thanks for the reply. Do you mind giving me the name of the app?

    It's Libra. I have,an Android phone if that matters.
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    I tried it and it stressed me out. I found if I gained a little the rest of the day I couldn't stay on track. I know lots of folks do it and swear it helps but I guess I'm just too paranoid. I weigh weekly though no excuses.

    I'm more or less with you on this one. I now weight every day (more or less), but it does nothing to curb any less than positive emotions related to weight fluctuations. Emotions not really being known to respond to logic and all that. Right now I'm in a place emotionally where I'm able to weigh myself almost every day without being negatively affected by the fluctuations. There was, however, a very long time when that wasn't the case.

    This is also part of why I like having a wifi connected scale. It's much more easier for me to forget about numbers when I don't have to manually enter them in.
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    I weigh daily to track my hydration levels and to track my net CICO.
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    I weighed myself every Monday morning for the first three months to build of picture of my actual TDEE because those online calculators are only so accurate.
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    I weigh daily. I love how I can look at the data and see the fluctuations. I use the Happy Scale app and it works with apple products.
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    I use Happy Scale and weigh daily. I like the data and Happy Scale smooths out the fluctuations a bit, making it easier to see how I’m doing overall. If I didn’t use that app, I’d probably stick to weekly weigh ins in order not to get discouraged. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    I am not a fan of weighing daily. I prefer one set day a week and I weigh first thing in the morning. Daily weigh ins for some can lead to disappointment because of small fluctuations. Plus I got tired of unreliable digital scales and bought a beam scale and it does not do in between lbs you have to round up or down.
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    I can't seem to resist weighing myself several times a day. As long as I don't freak out if the number is up a little....
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    I stay away from weighing everyday. Generally I can go up to 3 weeks at a time between each one. It can become abit obsessive checking each day.

    The theory is sound that if I keep eating in a defecit, I don't worry. I know in the long run my weight will go down.

    It also feels nice when a considerable chunk comes off your goal. It re-focus's me to go again for the next big pay off.

    Plus for me it's cheaper as I use scales that can measure body fat etc and they are £1 a go :)