Anyone have some good recipes to lose weight?

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I'm looking for recipes/new foods to kind of prepare and make for my girlfriend that is trying to lose weight and we are having a hard time finding out good meals that are tasty or that actually are appealing too. We've been struggling a little bit to find the right types of meals. Anything helps and thank you for the suggestions already :smiley:

a little edit. if there are good/ healthy snacks u know let me know too!


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    What do you usually eat? Do you eat meat? Any dietary restrictions?
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    Anything really that helps the types of food don't matter. The only thing we don't eat is fish really
    edit. there's not really any restrictions
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    Black bean salad: make a salad with lettuce, orange bell peppers, other veggies. Top with black beans and salsa.

    Frittata: sauté kale or spinach lightly. Add eggs, egg whites, pepper, black olives and a bit of feta. Scramble till done. Serve with salsa and avocado slices. Good with sautéed mushrooms as well. Just dry cook them separately and dry them or you will introduce too much water.

    Sweet potato toast: slice sweet potato long wise about 1/4 inch thick. Cook mostly done in microwave. Place on cookie sheet, lightly spread with olive oil and pepper and salt. Toast in broiler. Serve with feta or avalado or both. Eggs are good with this as well.
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    Thank you for this already will certainly try them out and save them in the little recipe book!
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    Here's one of my favorite meals to eat..

    Salsa rice: Bake chicken breast in the oven until done. Let it cool and shred/cut it up. Heat a little bit of oil in a pan over medium heat. Add your spices (pepper, paprika, cayenne, salt, etc.) to the hot oil and stir them around for 30 seconds or so. Squeeze in a bit of lime juice into the pan and then add your chicken. Once the chicken soaks up all the moisture in the pan, add a few spoonfuls of salsa. Let it cook on high so that the salsa dries onto the chicken. You can deglaze the pan with a bit of water or lime juice if anything is sticking. Add more salsa until the chicken is fully coated/colored with salsa. I use about 175g/12 tbsp. of salsa for a pound of chicken. Add more spices/seasoning if needed.. You can add onion, peppers or cilantro during the cooking process if you like. I usually serve over rice that has been cooked with salsa and spices. Top with cheddar cheese and a bit of sour cream.

    You can take the same chicken mixture and have lettuce wraps or soft tacos.

    Snacks that I eat frequently include:
    Fresh veggies with a bit of ranch
    fruit popsicles
    beef jerky
    boiled egg
    string cheese
    sunflower seeds
    English muffin with scrambled egg
    toast with butter
    ice cream
    granola bars
    rice krispie treats
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    bump again because i'm desperate
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    I would look for a cooking blog, website, or cookbook that sounds delicious. My go-to places to fine recipes include Skinnytaste (website and cookbooks), Fine Cooking (website, magazine, and cookbooks), Serious Eats (websites), and America’s Test Kitchen (cookbooks). Look through the recipes, be inspired, and be sure to look at the nutritional information!

    Honestly, I like to look at the pictures of the completed recipe, so I find it hard to cook from a recipe on a forum.

    Also, if you search the posts, there are tons of threads with suggestions of snack ideas.

    Best of luck!
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    bump again because i'm desperate

    Two things. You don't need to bump threads - people will post or they won't and it's not necessarily due to whether or not they saw them (especially if the last unbumped post was 25 minutes after a post with content).

    Second, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of low calorie recipes out there, you just have to find them which isn't actually all that hard. Look on websites like Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Serious Eats, Simply Recipes, The Guardian's cooking section, the New York Times' cooking section,, I could go on. Note that I failed to mention the multitude of cooking blogs (ok save for Simply Recipes).
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    Fad nonsense? All I'm really saying is to eat food the way it's supposed to be, not food that was created or altered or refined by people.

    Other than wild fish and game, there is virtually nothing that human beings eat that hasn't been created, altered, or refined p
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    I give up. Stupid app keeps closing the on-screen keyboard and posting before I'm finished.
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    All food works but lower fat high vegetable will look more substantial. By comparison a meal replacement bar is deadly boring. Try a recipe from this site.

    - Get a new vegetable every few days and google a recipe to go with.
    - Have a favourite recipe for each of your protein sources. Chicken, beef, tofu, pork, talipa, and salmon.

    Mix and match with your vegetables.

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    If you search low carb recipes on Pinterest, there are hundreds of choices.
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    Fad nonsense? All I'm really saying is to eat food the way it's supposed to be, not food that was created or altered or refined by people.

    That is not neccesary for weight loss or for balanced nutrition.

    And OP made no mention of having to restrict any foods - he just wants low calorie recipes.

    OP, perhaps look at what you are eating now and think about ways to reduce calories - eg by cutting high calorie drinks, high calorie snacks, eating less bread or chips (fries) or whatever is a food causing a lot of calories for you.
    Also ways to do swaps without changing diet drastically - swap regular soda for diet, salad as a side instead of fries, eating smaller serves of pasta or rice etc.
    look for recipes high in veggies and lean meat and not so much pasta, creamy sauces, cheese.

    Disclaimer - am not saying people cannot include cake,bread, pasta, rice, cheese if they want to - ( I do, in moderation) but are suggestions for areas where reducing may get someone into correct calorie allowance

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    Hi there, it’s really nice you’re supporting your girlfriend! I think it’s just calories in versus calories out. So if count calories and stick to nutritious foods. A meal that I like is a pan fried chicken thigh (seasoned) with ether romaine or tomato slices or sprouts and a touch of mayo on wheat bread- a chicken sandwich. Quick and easy. Eat food you enjoy and find recipes that work for you and you’ll fall into a pattern. Don’t worry!! Best of luck.