What to eat when craving bread?

I’m looking for an alternative when I’m craving bread. Please don’t say bread. Thanks!


  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Are you low carb or keto? I have keto recipes for bread if you are interested
  • neugebauer52
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    Breads - and all its variations - have been my trigger food for a long time. Very slowly I have changed to a variety of salads and vegetables. Not only are they lower in calories but I can't put as much fats and proteins onto them as I used to put onto bread. I really do not miss it - yesterday I actually walked by one of the best bakeries in town - the smell wafting out of their ovens was amazing but by now I know that it is not worth it. I always ask myself: Is the product which I wouldn't mind eating right here, right now - immediately stuff my face with it - is this product easily available tomorrow, next week and next month? It usually is - so why bother to buy it right now ? I also remember those day - long heart burns which were no fun at all. Since I stopped eating bread I haven't had one single flair up. (425 days in MFP, lost so far 36 kg - 80 pounds - and lots more weight to lose...)
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    I just eat bread, but if I want a vehicle for toppings--unflavoured rice cakes for 35 cals each.
  • BecomingMoreAwesome
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    When I really want toast nothing else fills that craving but I’ve realized that grocery store breads vary immensely in their calories and nutrition, and an airy lower calorie bread meets my craving just as well as the super dense bread. Though I prefer the taste of a good dense bread like Beckman’s California Black Bread, it’s not worth the 120 calories per slice, especially when Nature’s Own Whole Wheat has the same amount of protein and fiber per slice, with half the calories.
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    Any of you folks having bread issues ever have toast parties? That’s the term I used to describe those evening bread attacks remedied with buttered toast as in several.

    I’m more of a corn tortillas guy now but do eat English muffins.

    I’m pretty disciplined now so don’t have bread issues. I’m an avoidance guy rather than a moderator guy with foods of concern of which pizza comes to mind.
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    I don't really care about bread and never crave it (although I do love homemade bread and naan with curry when it's available), so for me the question is what do you crave when you are craving bread? Mouthfeel, a particular taste, starch, what? Answering that would allow for better suggestions.
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    I second the suggestion about English muffins and/or thin sliced low calorie bread. Bread is my kryptonite. I've found that going for smaller batch or lower calorie bread has really helped. Or, I only buy a loaf/small roll if it's going to be had with certain low calorie meals, like soup.
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    Fisherman mints 😂😂😂
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    Also, maybe something like pita chips (as a snack) can help curb the craving? Unless you're prone to overeat chips, of course.
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    Melba toast is quite satisfying and filling with cheese. On average; 8 toasts=140 calories.
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    With things I tend to binge on, sometimes I need to avoid them completely for some time. It was pasta for me. Now I rarely eat it - still eat large servings when I do but it's not often.