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This week my weightloss was pretty slow, only 1.6lbs down (not a big deal). I'm hovering over 207lbs, this is the number that I always get stuck on and can't seem to get past. Previous weightloss attempts this was the number that I'd get so frustrated with I'd give up. I am doing the 10 day challenge and today last day of round 78 I weighted in at 206.8lbs yay!! That was at 5am, I went to work hardly, haven't hardly ate I was so busy, and my job is very active. Out of curiosity I weighted myself, I was 204.2!!! So now I know there are lowers numbers than 207 (lol) and can I just use that weight for weigh in? Lol


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    I would keep you weigh in person consistent. If you weighed in the morning to start, weigh in the morning going forward. You can certainly fluctuate weight several pounds within a day, so weight loss you've gotten from sweating isn't really weight loss and I think you would make it harder for yourself to see progress going forward, because you will likely be higher than that in the days to come.

    BTW 1.6 pounds in a week is a lot of weight loss. You shouldn't feel that is "slow".
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    Well done on the busting the wall OP !
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    Awesome work!!!!