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Hard times and lost motivation

HealthyisMindfulHealthyisMindful Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
Hey MFP friends. I have been going through a lot of difficult things in the last 6-12 months and I tried really hard to start becoming more active and eating well as a means of maybe trying to help myself feel better and get through all this. I had it for a bit (maybe a couple months) and then I just lost it. I have zero energy and when I get home from work and finally get the kids to bed I’m too exhausted to work out. I realize we all go through really hard times in life, so I’m wondering how some of you were able to make it through and find that inner motivation to get back into things?
Any support, advice or thoughts are welcome! Thank you everyone 💕


  • Commander_KeenCommander_Keen Member Posts: 1,203 Member Member Posts: 1,203 Member
    Start off small, - make small changes. Can you get up early in the morning and go for a walk, and at lunch, and after work? Just for a 15min walk? Start with that
  • AustinRuadhainAustinRuadhain Member Posts: 2,247 Member Member Posts: 2,247 Member
    For me, the key was to focus on one most important change, track what I was doing so I could work on getting to where I had a good streak of successful days going, to where I felt like I had built a new habit. Then I worked on adding a new habit. The aim was to bit by bit, work on getting better every day, but not to tackle so much that it was overly hard.

    James Clear writes and talks about motivation and habits in ways I find very useful:


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  • beckyrplbeckyrpl Member Posts: 73 Member Member Posts: 73 Member
    Change up your workout time. Sounds like you workout when you get home from work. Can you change that, and try working out first thing in the morning? Put your workout gear right by your bed and change right when you wake up. OR - can you workout right when you get home? Again, try to make it a habit that the first thing when you get home, you change into your workout gear. I find if I do this - once I'm in my gym gear - I'm less likely to back out of a workout. Are your kids old enough for you to do something with them - like everyone take a walk together? OR - do you belong to a gym that has childcare? If you can find a way to either include your kids in your workout, or make sure they have a fun, safe place to be while you workout, you'll be more inclined to take care of you.
  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,822 Member Member Posts: 3,822 Member
    nutrition, hydration, and sleep will make you feel better than working out. if you are exhausted from life events and raising children need to make sure you're eating to fuel your body. It is amazing how eating healthy food can restore energy and vitality. After that, you will have the energy to actually plan how you can fit in workouts and actually want to do them.
  • corinasue1143corinasue1143 Member Posts: 4,009 Member Member Posts: 4,009 Member
    I agree to stick with the logging and eating healthy. Doesn’t take much time, not really stressful. As far as working out, you mention children, how about playing with them for your physical activity. Crawling on the floor with a baby, pushing a swing for a little older, softball or bike rides with older. Good exercise, good family time, good mental and stress vacation.
  • TulieRose21TulieRose21 Member Posts: 50 Member Member Posts: 50 Member
    I agree that starting small really is key. All I’m doing right now is making sure I get my 10k steps in, and keeping to my calorie limit. Nothing else. Im setting small goals bc I know if I go all out, I’ll get burned out & end up right back where I was. My son just started summer vacation, so it’s even been hard to get just the steps in, but I’ve been doing a lot of walking in place, and it’s working, even if my son looks at me like I’m insane :)
  • 150poundsofme150poundsofme Member Posts: 523 Member Member Posts: 523 Member
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