concession stand food questions

ok here is my problem. I have to go to every jr and high football games. food wise what do you think I should avoid or just avoid everything.


  • angievaughn
    angievaughn Posts: 655 Member
    I would say.....take your food!!! You are not going to find anything good for you at the games...Now...if you have the calorie room and want to have something...go for it....

    But if you are looking for healthy.....stay away from everything but the water!!!!
  • abby459
    abby459 Posts: 748 Member
    yes pack snacks!!!! everything there will be loaded in fat and sodium
  • bry_all01
    bry_all01 Posts: 3,100 Member
    if you have calories left over, why not? Otherwise, if you are really worried, google (or plug into the food diary) the ones you think you would be interested in for the nutritional values.
  • MrsCon40
    MrsCon40 Posts: 2,351 Member
    Eat before the games, bring snacks and avoid the concession stand like the plague!!
  • CountryDevil
    CountryDevil Posts: 824 Member
    I agree with here. Nothing that you can get at games is going to be all that good for you. Bring snacks with you or eat before you go. If you have room and calories left over, then got for it.
  • silkysly
    silkysly Posts: 701 Member
    Pack some nuts & protein bar. You will thank yourself later.
  • kandrews24
    kandrews24 Posts: 610 Member
    Yes, eat before, pack snacks, and then look for the local calorie options at the stand if/when you want. Sometimes they have diet coke and hot pretzles. Sometimes a popcylce that is not too bad. That's about it unless you want to spend some serious calories. In my experience, the serious calorie burning is better done elsewhere. Stands don't have the best pizza or fries, they are just conveniently located.
  • kriswigg
    kriswigg Posts: 95
    Yep, take your own snacks. Although, I'm violating that rule tomorrow. Going to a baseball game, and it just isn't baseball without a hot dog at the park. I'll allow for it in my calories, though, and get in some extra excercise to account for it.