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Anorexia to body builder

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Hi! I’m a recovering anorexic looking to gain back weight and build back up my muscle. I used to be super fit and did weight lifting competitions in school (5’4 115lbs bench-90 squat-220) I think that’s good at least. When I started cutting for the first time I didn’t know what a calorie was, lost too much weight and downhill spiral to 85lbs. Working on recovery and looking for some safer treats and fun food ideas to make meals intriguing, easy and high protien :)


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    i was anorexic a while back also. unhealthy to unhealthy :neutral: i was 165 and 6 months later i was 89. now i'm 120, and im 5'3. i ate lots of carbs. but i ate healthy carbs. if you cant go to the gym, i suggest at home squats. if you can go to the gym, do weighted squats, leg presses, and lifting. increase by 5 lbs every time you go if it gets easier. you've got this! once you get to your goal weight, eat between 200-230 grams of carbs or a comfortable amount for yourself. eat 0.8 multiplied by your weight in protein. i hope you see results! you've got this! 💘
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    protien ice cream is amazing! halo top! low in calories but high in protein and super healthy! also, 35 calorie wheat bread toasted with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon is a great healthy breakfast, lunch, or snack! salad with grilled chicken, eggs, chickpeas, black beans, feta cheese, and avocado is also a great filling lunch/ dinner! i recommend trying it with balsamic dressing! it's one of my favorites! and a nice breakfast/ snack is greek yogurt with honey/agave/sugar free maple syrup with berries and banana is a great one! and for some extra protein, melt some nut butter on top! these are some of my favs! hope this helps :)
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    As an internet medical professional (which means I'm totally unqualified)'re not a recovering anorexic. You're a person still suffering from a distorted body image. While building muscle will likely be healthier than being underweight in the short-term, in the medium to long term you will still likely be chasing a misguided perception of what an ideal body should be in a less than healthy manner.

    Don't worry about safe treats or high protein meals. Just eat. And get counselling more qualified than people on a random internet board.

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