Headache after eating

Couldn’t find an answer to this so asking here.
I’m doing IF 17/7 and yesterday I broke my fast at 1 pm with my usual lunch (Vege soup and rice crackers plus some fruit) everything was fine. When I had my evening meal which was spaghetti bolognase I developed a headache and terrible brain fog. I’m wondering could it have been the big dose of carbs that caused it? I don’t generally eat a lot of carbs in one sitting but I had a lot of calories left over so I ate up big! It’s the first time I’ve noticed this happen after a meal.


  • wilson10102018
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    Yet another good reason to count calories without fasting.
  • Lorleee
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    If I don't eat for several hours I get headaches, too. For me it's my body's way of saying it's hungry.
  • MrsTitus2
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    Sometimes if I dont eat solid food for a few meals then eat something solid my temples will kind if hurt as well as that cavity behind my ears. Maybe it's your jaw muscle ? And brain fog ? I swear I get that after eating. Maybe your body is just tired and after one bite its satisfied and ready to hit the hay? I'm not saying to eat just one bite but for me after one bite I can go to bed. But I dont. I just keep going strong. Lol
  • rheddmobile
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    Any reason to believe you might be undiagnosed diabetic? When I was undiagnosed I used to get very sleepy and headachy after meals from high blood sugar.

    If it just happens the once I wouldn’t worry about it, could be anything, just keep an eye out for a pattern.
  • aspenc12
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    Could this possibly be a blood pressure issue? If the food was particularly high in sodium, it can cause a headache.