Healthy caffeine options?



  • lalalacroix
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    How about a zero calorie energy drink?
  • wmweeza
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    Wow, regular coffee with cream and sugar (well, honey) is on my list of "Pry this from my cold dead hands" foods that I will never give up. I fit it into my calories. You are braver then I
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    I've been told if you brew coffee with a touch of salt it removes the bitterness.
  • umbramirror
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    You could try adding a natural sweetener such a honey, or unrefined sweeteners such as raw cane sugar, agave, or coconut sugar. If you are careful with how much you add, these additions could be fine unless you want to eliminate sugar entirely. Then I would suggest a variety of teas or as @AnnPT77 mentioned, add a little milk to your coffee (or tea 😉) for an enhanced flavor profile (for some, like me).
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    I've found plain green tea to be more palatable than plain black coffee, and I get the kick I need if I have two cups. Although, like @wmweeza, I will give up my creamy, sweet coffee when HeII freezes over.
  • kshama2001
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    How about a zero calorie energy drink?

    Are there zero calorie energy drinks without artificial sugars?
  • kshama2001
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    I work long 24 hour shifts, plain black coffee is too bitter for me, are there any other options available that are still low calorie and don't have artificial sugars available in them that are natural and not synthetic drinks?

    Tea with caffeine bothers my Mom's silent reflux. (Coffee might as well, but she doesn't care for it.)

    She's taking caffeine pills:
  • hesn92
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    I put milk and sugar in my coffee and it really doesn't add many calories. like 40 calories per cup (I only like a little sugar, not too much or it's gross)
  • lynn_glenmont
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    Have you tried black cold brew, or cold brew with just a little milk or half and half? It's much smoother than coffee that's brewed with hot water.
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    I weaned myself onto black coffee when I did overnights by gradually decreasing the amt of cream in it and sprinkling with cinnamon. Starting with lighter roasts or even flavored coffee makes the transition easier. Also, since it's summer, black iced coffee is easier to tolerate than hot especially at first.

  • lemurcat2
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    Have you tried black cold brew, or cold brew with just a little milk or half and half? It's much smoother than coffee that's brewed with hot water.

    Good idea.

    I will also recommend to the OP just trying some better coffees if you haven't. I don't find the coffee I drink (black, non flavored) to be bitter. I grind the beans at home, and I make it to my own liking -- that might take a bit of experimentation.

    That said, a bit of sugar doesn't have a lot of calories and might make a difference for you, or some milk (also not a lot of cals, depending on how much you add and what type you use, and has some nutrients, including the protein Ann mentioned).

    I never liked sweetened coffee, but back in college I'd drink it about half milk (skim), half coffee, and just gradually started adding less until I ended up preferring it black (the coffee from the college dining hall was likely not the best coffee).
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    I've never liked coffee, so I've been taking caffeine pills for at least 20 years now. I get Jet Alert from Amazon. They come in 100mg pills (basically one cup of coffee) and for the last few years I've used a pill splitter to make them 50mg each which is about perfect for me to keep my intake around 200mg a day. Pretty cheap and low cal way to get caffeine IMHO.
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    Echoing the suggestions for trying cold brew. The high temp of standard brewing is what brings out the bitterness. Also fresh grinding the beans helps.
  • MrsTitus2
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    I just ordered uncle Lee's organic white tea off of amazon. It has less caffeine than green tea . Which is the same leaf as green and black .
  • paperpudding
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    My option would be to add skim milk and make the coffee not as strong.

    Not zero calorie but certainly still a low calorie drink.