50lbs lost!

Start: 305
Now: 255

I still have a journey ahead of me. But this is me honoring my progress so far.
June 2018 to April 2019




  • anl90
    anl90 Posts: 928 Member
    You look amazing, congrats on your success!! Keep up the amazing work!!
  • hafsatoheed2019
    hafsatoheed2019 Posts: 70 Member
    Plz share what did you do. I around your starting weight and struggling to keep consistent. Did you watch your carbs or anything else.
  • MrsTitus2
    MrsTitus2 Posts: 61 Member
    Wow so cute ! Add me if youd like.
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,971 Member
    Thanks for the inspiration. <3
  • bestrongbefit1
    bestrongbefit1 Posts: 68 Member
    Congratulations on your success! Keep crushing your goals!
  • kellieolson05
    kellieolson05 Posts: 10 Member
    Great job! Can you tell me approximately how long it took you to lose the 50? That is how much I have to lose and it's kind of overwhelming for me. I have lost my first 4 though. ;)
  • beckyrpl
    beckyrpl Posts: 73 Member
    Way to go! AND, I love your name!!