Do you love your Apple Watch?

My FitBit Ionic died and since I’m out of warranty, the best they can do is offer me 40% off a new one. I’m pretty fed up with my FitBits dying and am thinking of making the switch to an Apple Watch, specifically the (non-cellular) 4.

So go ahead, talk me in to or out of the Apple Watch.


  • naomi8888
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    I just got one a couple of weeks ago after my old Polar died. It's great for running, cycling and general movement. I love it and I'm still in the honeymoon phase where I'm meeting all my daily goals... however I don't like the lack of exercise options under "other". I miss my Polar which had so many different workouts and all the Les Mills classes to choose from. What do you want to track exactly?
  • bluesheeponahill
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    I like it. I have the non cellular one, and i took it swimming and i liked how accurate it was in determining my lap lengths. It's a lot more accurate than my first gen one and sadly giving me less minutes for excercise and move. but it be fair it was probably not counting it correctly. I do have to set it on outdoor walk when I have the pram because it cant determine I'm walking with a pram, and gives me far less calories than i would get if i did walk without a pram. beyond that I'm really happy with it, and find it really on point and accurate for my calorie counting.
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    YES! I never thought I needed or wanted one until I got one. Now I feel naked without it on and HAVE to have it with me. It is SOOOOO nice to be able to text people with a touch of a button and speak to text when I am not by my phone. I love reading my email. I love being connected to my phone at all times so I don't miss important calls. Absolutely love it. If it didn't have cellular (which you plan to get?) I don't think I would like it as much because it's not much different from the more expensive fitbits.

    Love it for calorie counting though. It is very accurate. The elliptical machine tells me I burn 1200 for 2 hours (set to my weight and gender), but my watch tells me I burn 400 for 2 hours. When I had a fitbit it said 600, which I think is a bit of an overestimate.
  • wifeoferp
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    I just got the 4 non-cellular last week and I love it for fitness. It’s fairly intuitive and it’s nice to be able to track my workouts and total movement calories burned over the day.
    My only other experience with a fitness watch was the Garmin vivoactive which I liked, but this one has so much more that it does.
    My main decision to go this route was that I can have podcasts that I listen to without having to take my phone with me on runs/walks.
  • NovusDies
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    I think switching technology is always going to be a bit of a grumble. There are certainly features that won't be there and ways of doing things that will annoy you. I never had a fitbit but I do have a apple watch and I went with the cellular because I can walk without carrying my phone. I like it and it has made a positive influence on my NEAT.

    I suggest that you get it with a 30 day return policy that way you can talk yourself into or out of it.
  • MelanieCN77
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    I love mine, it keeps me motivated and I love the data.

    Regarding the "other" workouts, the reason it seems like there are so few is that they all use the same basic metric to track (as if you are briskly walking) and you can name them afterwards from a quite long list, in the info summary you see when you end the workout. If it's something you use frequently it will appear in your pick list more prevalently.
  • Phirrgus
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    I've since switched to Android, but have to say the Apple watch was (is) a pretty sweet device. My only gripes were the time it took to update and battery life. Other than that it was smooth, intuitive to use and easy on the eyes. If Apple were to ever smarten up and release the app for Android I would consider going back to it.

  • Jthanmyfitnesspal
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    If you are a multisport type, Garmin has the advantage.
  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    Personally, I credit my apple watch for helping me lose 120 lbs in a year. I don't think i would have been able to do it without.

    That is a bold statement! What are some of your favorite features? I admit, I'm having a really hard time thinking of letting go of the FitBit platform.
  • rodmelching
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    Overall it's good and I enjoy using it. (Series 4, LTE) Assuming you have an IPhone otherwise your wasting your money. The activity rings is a nice feature, especially once you start competing with some friends, extra motivation! I use the strava app (on the watch) which is really nice but you can also use the workout app that comes with the watch. Never had any issues using the watch in the pool, ocean or shower. Probably my favorite feature is text messaging, you can reading and sending texts, even in the middle of a workout if needed. Battery life isn't great though, I charge mine every night, doubt it would last two days. Hope that helps . . good luck!
  • cwolfman13
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    Are you looking for a really good smart watch that has pretty good fitness functionality or are you looking for something with really good fitness functionality and works pretty good as a smart watch? If the latter, I'd go Garmin.
  • panda4153
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    I absolutely love mine!! I have had one for about 3 years now. I have found that my calories burned both active and resting seem to be pretty active, as when I compare it to my calories consumed I lose or gain the the expected rate. I also love the monthly challenges that come with it and it keeps me motivated to hit the goals everyday.
  • Azdak
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    As a general watch and lifestyle device, it is awesome. As an activity/workout tracker it is not horrible, but not great either IMO. My Polar V800 was far superior in that regard, but since I am not seriously training anymore, the infinitely more useful Apple Watch is my obvious choice. I have the version 4.
  • prdavies1949
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    I have a garmin at the moment, the only thing stopping me getting an Apple is the wife.
  • nikkigarland79
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    I adore my apple watch!!!
  • springlering62
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    I like the convenience of having phone, text, WhatsApp and Viber, too. I like the freedom of being able to leave my phone at home when I walk to the gym or yoga studio, and just taking a walk in general.

    I feel like it’s pretty accurate with the calorie counting although there’s no option for weight lifting. But I eat a flat 2000 calories a day so don’t worry if it doesn’t record them.

    I do, however, like that I was able to adjust my goal. I hit the default too easily, so bumped it up, and am probably going to bump it up again.

    There seems to be a bit of a mismatch between steps on watch versus phone, however that may sort itself out at midnight. I havent sat down and verified that bit.

    I also like the reminders that it gives me to stand up, because I frequently find myself immersed in a book and forgetting to move at all.

    And call me childish, but I love the little fireworks screen thing when all my goals are met.

    I find I prefer the velcro band that came with it because I do a ton of hot classes and it dries out quickly.

    One thing that makes me a little nuts, but that I totally understand, is that it sometimes records crochet or needlepoint as “steps” because of the hand motions. So I either swap arms or take it off.

    Haven’t figured out how to coordinate audio. I seldom listen to music but I guess I ought to.

    There are some apps-like my banking app- that I cannot figure out for the life of me how to use.
  • MelanieCN77
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    Personally, I credit my apple watch for helping me lose 120 lbs in a year. I don't think i would have been able to do it without.

    That is a bold statement! What are some of your favorite features? I admit, I'm having a really hard time thinking of letting go of the FitBit platform.

    My wife has a fitbit and i personally feel the apple watch is bit more accurate with its step counter. Also, im a bit OCD and when you set your calorie goal its hard for me not to fill the rings in every day.

    Also, it was a small challenge to see how many days/weeks/months in a row i could complete all 3 rings. The reminders are also very helpful and encouraging. It was just another tool to keep me accountable.

    I only lost 40, not 120, but I credit the Watch and the "game-ified" ring streaks also with keeping me very active. There's a certain personality that will respond to the streaks motivation, but for some of us it really works.
  • wenrob
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    Do I love my Apple Watch? I adore my Apple Watch! I am a former FitBit addict and was really nervous about making the switch. Other than missing the familiarity of the FitBit app for about a week the transition was pretty smooth. I feel like the Apple Watch makes me work just a little bit harder to earn those calories while at the same time removing my hyper focus on steps which is a good thing IMO. Add that it’s aesthetically more pleasing and much more functional makes it the better option. Being able to leave my phone in my bag is the icing on the cake.
  • WholeFoods4Lyfe
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    Thank you everyone. I ended getting the Apple Watch 4 this weekend and so far am loving it!
  • NovusDies
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    Thank you everyone. I ended getting the Apple Watch 4 this weekend and so far am loving it!

    I hope you can get accustomed to only breathing twice a day. Despite my best efforts I cannot hold my breath for that long in between reminders.