Short on time - helping my wife workout at home

Hello, so my wife has put on a few pounds (she is beautiful and I personally haven't noticed) but she has and she says it is getting her down. So I (on her encouragement) have done a meal plan for us with all of our favourite healthy meals. I am off to ASDA in a moment to get the shopping in to do this meal plan. The other issue she says she has is that she doesn't have time to go to the gym after work. I get this as she is busy. She sees a PT once a week which is great. To combat this so that she feels she is at least doing something I have suggested she do some stuff in the evening after work. I was wondering if anyone has an ideas for strength based stuff she could do at home? We are short on space so anything requiring minimal equipment would be great but we could get a set of dumbbells/kettlebells etc.

Any thoughts?



  • MT1134
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    When space and time are a factor, I like kettlebells and suspension trainers.
  • MikePTY
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    You might want to check out beach body on demand. They have a ton of different workout programs for different levels of experience, and some short ones as well as ones that don't require any equipment.
  • HermanLily
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    Body weight exercises, cheap, only require room for yourself
  • Suuzanne37
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    Nike Training Club is good app for home workouts. I have an iPhone; but it should also be on Android.

    YouTube is also a good source.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I used to do videos like Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, ripped in 30, the firm, Denise Austin, stuff that used dumbbells and sometimes a little step. Before work is better for me, but she can do it whenever.
  • firef1y72
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    Could her PT not give her some hone workouts to do??
    Mine gives me workouts for when we have to miss sessions, she tailors them to my ability and the equipment I have available.
    So i have workouts i can do at the gym, using treadmill, rowing machine etc.
    Workouts i can do in the garden (i have a slam ball and will soon be getting a trx and a box to jump on)
    And workouts i can do in front room, involving bodyweight exercises.
    Maybe she should ask her PT.
  • meganpettigrew86
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    Yoga/pilates - heaps of apps/you tube vids.
    Fitbit have at home workouts linked to their app but I'm sure there are similar apps out there.
    I got myself an exercycle which is stashed in our bedroom as we are short on space too but prefer a cluttered bedroom than lounge. Exercycles are great for burning calories while reading a book or watching TV.
  • GiGiBeans
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    Adjustable dumbbells (I use Powerblocks 50 lb adjustable) and videos - lots of free strength wo's and you can search for upper/lower/full plus wo length. They have a few KB videos too but I prefer Pat Flynn videos on YouTube for those.
  • apullum
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    Since she’s seeing a PT, why not ask that person what they would recommend for exercise at home? That seems like a reasonable service to request from someone you’ve hired to help with exercise.
  • mom23mangos
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    You Are Your Own Gym requires no equipment other than a dish towel and some pieces of furniture you already have most likely.
  • Fuzzipeg
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    Being more active in general can help. Parking the car slightly further away from where you want to be, taking the stairs rather than a lift, standing rather than sitting this sort of thing. The back of a chair makes a good exercise tool even a door frame. Possibly take up one of the dancing trends Zumba and the like all add to physicality, there are DVD's and things too which one could use if there is not a class you could both go to together. I've seen it suggested one could use canned goods, even refilled water bottles, as weight if one wishes. Going to or owning a gym is not essential.

    Recent work is suggesting we do not walk enough, nothing like as much as our ancestors when they were seeking their food.
  • reviewqueen360
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    Omg God bless you what a great husband you are❤️ yes absolutely she can start with body weight only workouts at home until she’s comfortable enough to start lifting weights. Weight lifting is great for burning fat throughout the day as well as building strength cardio is good for endurance but weight lifting is even better so if she does both she will see major results and keep her womanly curves. You’re doing great hubby just keep supporting her