Truvision and Weight loss. Thoughts?

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Hello! I recently started truvision and I’ve had a lot more energy, so much less cravings,,appetite is very minimal. I feel like it’s been a good kickstart for my weight loss goals. I’m drinking a lot of water now too. It has also helped me easily quit drinking tons and tons of caffeine. I’m a nurse and decently active. I plan to lose 60 pounds at this point. I’ve seen it work for some others. Has anyone else tried it and been successful or tried it and it not work well?


  • Iamsimpleguy
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    Welcome to MFP, Enter your food diary daily and keep tracking your calories, try to do small exercises. Keep active yourself. All the best!! Feel free to add me :)

    For a Newbie check this link
  • Shawnam860
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    I was on truvision last year for about a month and saw a huge loss in inches and some weight. I just restarted this week and will diet and workout this time with it.
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    Is there a Canadian site for this
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    My mother died from a heart attack out of the blue in September 2018. It was a wake-up call for me. I was prediabetic, had hypertension (almost on meds for it), and 1/2 pound away from 300! I knew I had to do SOMETHING or I was going to follow mom too soon... I saw the advertisiements for Truvision Health and ordered a 30 day of the combo. The first 2 weeks all I did was darnk some more water and less sweet teat and take 2 pills twice a day. I lost 7.5 pounds in those 2 weeks without any other changes. I decided to see what the combo could really do if I tried... I track everything I eat here on MFP and have built up to walking 10k steps each day (about 4.5 miles total). I do 40-45%A carbs & 25-30% fat & protein... I am down to 215.5 - have lost 84 pounds in 8 months! I am no longer pre-diabetic and my BP has come down so much there is NO more talk of meds! (I am still working to get it fully in the normal range...) The Truvsion Health combo has TOTALLY changed my life... YES, it really works! I started selling TVH because everyone was asking HOW I lost the weight!