If you started your journey January 2019, how is it going?

It's almost July! Just wanted to check in with fellow January 2019 starters to see how everyone's doing.

Did you hit any roadblocks along the way?

What are some things you've learned about yourself and weight loss these past 6 months?

How close are you to reaching your goal?


  • stricklee11
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    @Dreamwa1ker It's crazy how simple it is! Like you said, it's just math. The toughest part is finding the right mix of food that keep you full. Congrats on being so close to maintenance :smile:
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    hi all, I too started in Jan this year at 168lbs. The highest I've ever been. I'm 5ft 2". This was hard to swallow as I've always been athletic and sporty but RA flair ups and mental health issues just made the weight pile on.
    6 months later I am a different person. I got back onto running and train three times a week. A friend started with me so its great to help her achieve her running goals too.
    It took me 4.5 months to lose 12 pounds. It was a hard fight. Middle of May I joined Team RH on facebook. I did it to support my cousin, who was joining too with 60pounds to lose. This was the turning point for me.
    Roughly 6 weeks later I am another 10 pounds down. Current weight 147. I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I feel great. Almost back into my small size clothes and just doing well in general. My GW is 131lbs so another 16lbs to go. I'm still far away from a healthy BMI range so that's a motivation for me too.
    Great thread OP!
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    Allgaun wrote: »
    I'm sticking it out.
    Down about 26 lbs but having a hard time.
    My weight has been going up and down 2 lbs for over a month! I'm weighing my food but I think my lack of height (5'2") isn't helping. Originally I put down 2 lbs a week and got 1200 K. Couldn't stick to it so I raised it to 1.5 lbs...1200 calories, 1lb? you guessed it 1200 calories! So I changed it to .5 and now I get a whopping 1220!

    This week I signed up for water aerobics 3 times a week, hopefully more exercise will help.



    Please don't stress out about weight going up and down 2 lbs. Weight goes up and down normally! Even more when exercising! This is all separate to fat stores. Water weight rises and falls are due to food, salt, exercise, hormones, fibre, water, stress levels, and probably more. All normal! Not to mention muscle gain/loss affecting weight too.

    Make sure you're taking measurements, taking photos, trying on clothes, and asking others. The scale can be an unreliable measure of success.

    Weight loss is not linear. You must read this essential thread's opening post:


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    I started in early January, getting a personal trainer and joining a gym. I started being careful with calories consumed and started doing a lot of cardio and strength training. I have been trying to walk our dogs every day or do Just Dance. I also do zumba once a week.

    I at 150cm tall and my starting weight was 86.6kg. As of today I am around 59.9kg. Goal weight is 50kg so a week ago I adjusted MFP to slow down my weight loss a little, dropping it to 0.5kg a week given that in recent weeks I've been allowing myself to eat a bit more i.e reducing the deficit.

    Health and strength-wise I'm going ok. I can now plank for two minutes, I can jog a little on my walks, I can walk up a hill without feeling like I'm going to die and I have more endurance at cardio. I'm still hopeless and uncoordinated at zumba but I don't feel like I have to hide in the back row or behind other people anymore.

    I've dropped quite a few clothing sizes, going down from 18, 16, 14 ... I'm now a 10 or an 8 for my top and around a 10/12 for my bottom half.

    Measurement-wise I'm doing well:
    - chest: was 46 inches, now 34 inches
    - waist: was 36 inches, now 28 inches
    - hips: was 45 inches now 35 inches

    The 3-4 very large fat rolls around my stomach and waist have now reduced to one not too big fat roll haha and for the first time in a very very long time, I can wear trousers again that don't have an elastric/stretchy waist. It used to be so uncomfortable for me to wear fitted pants because my butt was too big and my fat rolls stretched the waistband too much ..

    It's been challenging. It took me a while to figure out the right balance of food to allow me to feel full/happy and still lose weight. It took me some time to get to the point of being comfortable enough to continue to eat the foods I wanted so long as I stayed within my calorie budget. I thought I plateaued a couple of times but ended up continuing to lose weight steadily. It certainly hasn't been easy and I've had to work really hard but I can see goal weight in sight and am staying motivated.
  • MarisaMSimon
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    I started on December 10th but because of the holidays I gained all the weight back on vacation. Since January 1st, I have lost 24 pounds and I still have about 46 to go. Slow and steady, but I'm happy with this body so far!
    I'm having issues with my TOM weight greatly impacting my weight loss but overall I'm losing at a rate of 0.9 pounds a week while I have it set to lose 1.5 pounds.