Pcos support

Hi all :)
Ive struggled with my weight for years thanks to pcos and im ready to nail it for good this time!
Im 5ft 8 and need to lose around 50lbs. I find it hard though as other members in weight loss groups ive previously been in dont understand why its harder for someone with pcos. I feel i need more support from people going through the same experience as me and who have been successful in getting to where they want to be with pcos. Someone who understands the hair problems, the up and down moods and fatigue.
Im looking for some new buddys to help me along, who can give encouragement and help/motivation along the way.
Would you help? If so, im ready to do this. Drop me a message/friend request and we can tackle this together xx


  • thiosulfate
    thiosulfate Posts: 262 Member
    im currently 50 lbs down with a lot more to go, also suffering from pcos unfortunately. ive been so depressed about my hair in particular and it's somewhat comforting to know im not the only one
  • ashleyloveless11
    ashleyloveless11 Posts: 5 Member
    Hi there! I feel ya with your symptoms! I’m sorry you have to deal with that! I had a lot of similar things and my weight would be all over the place among other things! I ended up seeing an endocrinologist who was super involved in getting me better without using meds or anything! So far what he’s suggested has worked! Me personally, gluten was a HUGE factor in relieving most of my symptoms!
  • hjlind25
    hjlind25 Posts: 17 Member
    Hey there! Im in the exact same boat! I'd love the same thing, some accountability and motivation!
  • MarvinsFitLife
    MarvinsFitLife Posts: 869 Member
    You can do this! Feel free to add me for support