Coping with not losing weight every day

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So when I started my weight loss journey I was losing weight every day - just a little bit every morning. That loss gave me the motivation I needed to do the diet and exercise tasks needed to keep losing for the next day. Now I am much closer to goal, I am not losing every day, most days I stay the same and some days I even gain. It is really frustrating so I just want to know how you cope with doing everything right and still not losing, and how you keep motivating yourself to keep on going?


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    I keep a spreadsheet that tracks my daily calories and weigh in and averages over time. The math gives me comfort. I calculate a weekly non-excercise maintenace calorie level and I estimate my exercise calories so I have a sense of how that is moving over time. If I am accurate and diligent in logging then I knw the increase on the scale cannot be a real increase and must be water/bloating etc.
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    Daily weighing is simply a matter of data collection to identify and track trends. There has never been the expectation that I would lose every day, so there is nothing to “cope” with.
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    Typical bathroom scales have an randomness factor of up to +/- 0.5 kg. If you have been losing weight every day, my first thought is what is the make and model of your scales?
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    Be realistic.
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    This is a GREAT article. The other thing I’ve read about is your fat cells pulling in water as fat is removed to try and maintain homeostasis. Eventually the water will flush out of the fat cells, but it makes the scale stay the same. Some people measure instead of weigh. That may help you get through the rough patches, although measurements usually go down even slower than the scale (think monthly not daily or even weekly). It’s actually a better guide to fitness than weight though.