What's your favorite Amusement Park/Theme Park?

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I just went to Hershey Park (hadn't been there for years) & was wondering what is everyone's favorite amusement park/theme park?

Someday I would love to go to Cedar Point & ride all their crazy roller coasters & visit Disney World/Universal Studios.


  • ilfaith
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    I live in Florida and we tend to alternate passes between Disney and Universal every couple of years. Universal has better thrill rides (which I love), but there is nothing quite like the magic of Disney. As I pointed out to my boys last month when we were at Volcano Bay (Universal's water park...lots of fun) from the platform leading up to the waterslide you looked out onto public roads and real estate offices. From anywhere inside WDW there is no sign of a world outside Disney.

    I grew up in New Jersey going to Great Adventure (AKA Six Flags) every summer. Haven't been there in years. We did take the kids to Sesame Place a few years ago and enjoyed it.
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    Also a Floridian, and I have to say, Universal is amazing. The attention to detail is breathtaking. Plus, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... nuff said.
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    This ride at Cedar Point looks nuts!

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    Wally World 😁
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    Hershey (PA) is a family favorite during the holidays (Christmas Candy Lane) -- Favorite Ride: Laugh Track
    Dollywood (TN) also puts on a good holiday showing (Dollywood Express at sunset is a highlight)

    Knotts Berry Farm (CA) is one of the better over Independence Day (favorite ride: Montezooma's Revenge)

    My current overall favorite is Islands of Adventure (FL), (favorite ride: The Incredible Hulk) although anyone with Kids should strongly consider nearby Legoland. The botanical gardens have always been a favorite, regardless. Spend an extra day to unwind and decompress at the scenic Bok Tower Gardens.

    Back in the day, Ghost Town In The Sky (NC) was a hidden gem .

    Anyway, continuing from Islands of Adventure, Kings Island (OH) (The Beast), any of any of the Six Flags (Great Adventure (NJ) (Scream Machine is gone, though) and Discovery Kingdom (CA) (Medusa) are my top two of them), followed by Kings Dominion (VA) (Anaconda)

    My least favorites have been Dorney Park (PA) and Busch Gardens (FL)