Paleo smoothie recipe ideas

MidModJenn Posts: 216 Member
Paleo smoothie recipes! Are there any that you swear by? I'd like to have one for breakfast each day since they're easy and quick (when I don't have time to make breakfast at home, I end up getting something unhealthy at work, which is no bueno).

I made this one yesterday and it was delicious... I swapped out the sweetener for a tablespoon of raw honey. Hoping I can find a bunch more to add to my repertoire so I don't get bored...

Definitely looking for Paleo... unfortunately I have a lot of food sensitivities, and I seem to feel the best when I avoid dairy, legumes, etc. Plus I'm hypoglycemic, so I'm definitely looking for lower sugar so I don't crash mid-morning!


  • cobalt108
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    My favorite right now is unsweetened vanilla almond milk, fresh kale, fresh ginger, banana,cinnamon and scoop protein powder or chia seeds. I gave up caffeine and having this in the morning really wakes me up! :)
  • MidModJenn
    MidModJenn Posts: 216 Member
    @cobalt108 I love the idea of the fresh ginger! Yum!!!