incredibly frustrated with the scale

Folks, I need your help....7 weeks ago I started intermittent fasting. I eat only 6 hours a day (noon to 6). At that time (embarrassed to say), I weighed in at 307. The 1st week I lost 10 pounds. However, in the following 6 weeks, I've lost only 6 additional pounds.
Based on myfitnesspal, I'm recording each and every thing that goes into my mouth and my caloric intake is 1200 calories or less EVERY DAY WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
I'm 58 years old.
What on earth am I doing wrong? Also, my gut inches are not decreasing since the 1st week.
Please help! I don't want to give up (again)!


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    It's not unusual to drop a lot of water weight the first week or so, and as that levels out, it can somewhat mask the ongoing fat loss for a few weeks. As the previous poster said, your average overall is just about perfect right now, and that is the number to watch. That being said, if the recent trend of 1 lb/week continues and you are aiming for more than that, you will likely want to give more attention to the accuracy of your logging, perhaps with a food scale.
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    Best of luck
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    Thanks everyone! Hubby always said that you can't NOT lose weight eating very few calories...but, you'd think if he was right, the weight would be dripping off of me at those few calories and with so much storage. I'll keep plugging along.
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    Thank you all for the encouraging words!
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    Hi Peggy,

    if you've not already done so I really urge you to get a food scale. Hardly anyone, and especially most people here cannot estimate portion sizes. And cups are only really meant for fluids. Think of it: one cup of grated cheese: you can put it in loosely, or stuff it in: that could easily be twice as much! How do you measure strawberries in a cup? They are big, there's lot of air around them.
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    You haven't said how tall you are but having been a similar weight myself 1200 cals is really tough to stick to, let MFP give you a target based on losing 2lbs per week, or even 1.5lbs and as others have said take it a bit slower.
    And definitely weigh everything as you're logging. Feel free to send a friend request, I'm now down over 56lb.
    And very well done on your progress so far.
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    Yeah, dump the scale for a while. The scale can be a great friend but can turn into an enemy. If you're finding yourself demoralized by your scale, then it's doing more harm than good. If you're eating the right # of calories and getting some exercise, you're doing it right and the results will follow. Easier said than done, but trusting the plan for a few weeks is better than getting frustrated at a number staring at you between your toes.