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I just got a food scale and am really saddened by how much creamer I actually put in my coffee. Anybody have any tips or creamers that they use? I currently use the silk flavored creamer that is 25Kcal per 15ml. Just weighed and realized I've been putting in 60ml!! I have 2-3 cups a day.


  • cmriverside
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    Heh. Just play with it.

    Creamers that are flavored have a lot of added sugar. Try cutting down or cutting the creamer with a little plain lowfat milk or silk unflavored. It's an adjustment, you'll have to make changes if you want to stay in calories. No way around that.
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    Thanks! It's definitely the creaminess I'm going for. I don't mind coffee not being sweet. I'll have to try the heavy cream. I'm staying in my calories regardless. Thankfully I have a big enough deficit right now it's not been affecting me. I'm just trying to look towards the future and make sure that I know where everything is coming from. I would rather uses calories for something else for sure.
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    I drink 60ml of sweetened creamer every day. I limit myself to that amount only and fit the amount of coffee into that amount of creamer. For me, that's 2 cups of coffee with 30ml of cream in each cup.

    I recently tried Piknik, a coffee creamer substitute made with butter, I like it okay, but it's twice as much as the stuff made with milk. It's also not sweetened--which I could like with. The price was the prohibitive thing.
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    I use heavy cream and an unsweetened flavor syrup.
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    I hear you OP....sigh...... I just read that Starbucks is coming out with creamers next month. My once a month treat is their white chocolate mocha. That’s one of the three flavors that will be sold in super markets starting in August. I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist.
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    I use half and half. Only need a Tbl per mug (I think my mug holds 12 oz or so) to cut the acidity.
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    I use Leaner Creamer
  • algrif37
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    I use premier protein caramel
    Shakes. It’s soo good!
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    I switched to half and half or unsweetened vanilla cashew milk (whichever is on sale). I bought some zero calorie caramel flavored stevia drops.

    Sometimes I heat and add unsweetened cocoa powder on low heat until cocoa dissolves.

    Sometimes I add a tsp of vanilla extract and/or regular stevia.

    I play with the flavors and keep it low calorie. And I always keep in mind it's a lot less than my old favorite 1000 calorie coffee drink from Starbucks, ;)
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    I use premier protein vanilla, or just milk. Works for me.
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    AlisaRN wrote: »
    I just got a food scale and am really saddened by how much creamer I actually put in my coffee. Anybody have any tips or creamers that they use? I currently use the silk flavored creamer that is 25Kcal per 15ml. Just weighed and realized I've been putting in 60ml!! I have 2-3 cups a day.

    Yes... these types of "adders" are a killer to your daily logs (salad dressing is another land mine to watch). I've downgraded to Half & Half and keep it to 1 to 1.5 tablespoons, which is around 20-30 calories.

    Why? Because keeping my diet in check is more important than having flavored coffee. I also drink 3, sometimes 4 cups per day. So I had to compromise.

    Fun Tip - If you take protein powder as a supplement, some of the vanilla flavored ones actually taste pretty good in coffee with a splash of half/half. I imagine the chocolate flavored powders might too... I'm just not a fan of those though.
  • Samantharavenclaw84
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    I love my favorite creamer to much and just deal with what it eats of my calories but some of the different things I have tried are the nutpods, heavy whipping cream w/ Torani syrups, and premier protein shake ( I only tried the chocolate and the caramel).
  • Katmary71
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    The only thing I've tried that wasn't bad and less calories was a macadamian, cashew, and almond beverage from Trader Joe's. I added sugar-free vanilla syrup to it for my coffee. I alternate with having half the coffee cream I used to, but only have 1 glass of cold brew when I wake up.
  • HoneyBadger302
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    I did half-and-half and stevia for awhile. It was okay.

    Honestly, I ended up deciding that my flavored creamers were worth the calories for me, and giving them up simply wasn't worth the savings I got in return. Just built it into my days, but I really like my coffee the way I like it.
  • workinonit1956
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    I use a half cup of heated 2% milk in my coffee (10 oz mug)
    For tea, a splash of half & half.
  • kshama2001
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    I used to use 1 teaspoon each of half & half and sugar.

    Now I instead add protein powder, chia seeds, and coconut shreds and call it breakfast.
  • tylertrauma22
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    I use Nestle Italian Cream Sugar Free. It has 15 calories and no sugar!! I add it to my magic coffee and I’m down 10 pounds in the last 5 weeks! 😍
  • monpauls
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    I totally feel your pain. I switched to half and half (from flavoured coffee mate liquid creamer) and I’ve gotten so used to it, sweetened creamers are now TOO sweet! I thought I would never be able to give it up, but it’s one of the most impactful changes I’ve made.
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    I use 120 calories of half and half per cup of coffee.