Any ladies in 40s with thigh problems?

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Hey there peeps. I came here to reach out to people like me so I can be accountable and maybe even make friends but I noticed when I introduce myself no one it because I don't have a pic. ? I am 57 was 220 and now 194. Started my own diet , kinda like keto (wasnt planning on keto just turned out that way) I cut out things that weren't good and cut down on my temptation foods. Exercise cardio toning etc 6 times a week. I change up the exercise every few days. Im losing but that way upper thigh doesnt wanna leave.. Any ideas?


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    Just saying hello. Sometimes when a lot a people are posting, your post can quickly end up on the 3rd page or more in just an hour or two, and then gets lost in the shuffle, thus no responses. It happens. It isn't because you don't have a photo, so no worries there.
    I don't do keto and I have no exercise advice. Sorry. Just didn't want you to feel overlooked. I can recommend clicking on the 'groups' choice in the above blue bar and searching for 'keto' and/or 'low carb'. There are a couple of good keto / low-carb groups you can join, but I don't know the exact names. Also recommend posting your thigh fitness question in the 'Strength and Fitness' message board.
    Welcome and best to you on your journey!
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    Welcome to the community! <3

    Sorry your initial thread was ignored.

    If you haven't already, read the stickies at the top of the getting started forum. Very informative and helpful.

    Good luck on your journey!
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    Congrats on your successes thus far! Unfortunately, spot reducing isn't a thing.
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    While running is great for the legs and I notice a difference in my thighs when I run, running 3 times a week isn't the magical cure.

    As others said you can't spot reduce sadly. You probably just carry fat in your legs. Do lots of squats and lunges and build up the muscles. You might start noticing a difference if your legs start firming up
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    crcrc7 wrote: »
    Start running - its the only sure fire way to thin out your legs. It has to be consistent, though - at least 3 times a week for many weeks to see results. It will also help with overall weight reduction. Good luck!

    You really cannot spot reduce. Not through running. Not through any other activity at all.

    You *can* target muscle building, and running will typically build muscle in the calves and thighs. This has no effect on whether or not the body will burn fat in those areas; it just means that the areas will look more defined if that fat is burned.

    I've been running a minimum of 15 miles a week for about five years, and the one thing I absolutely do not have is "thin" legs. I have big muscular legs.

    Run only if you want to run. Don't do it if all you're looking for is thin legs. And if you do want to run, follow a structured training program like C25K.
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    Im 46 and that is a tough tough area!
    I tried yoga, floor/matt exc but its not toning up
    I recently tried barre classes/videos on youtube but it is harrrrdddddddd

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    Thank u everyone... I didnt get these till I had my second son. I used to do alot of toning when I was younger.. I am doing different exercises and trying to get my core and stamina prepped for running. I havent truly worked on my weight like this in over 20 years (after my first son). Thanks again 😀
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    I am in my 60's. Dad here.

    Things generally getting hard to go. When I do. Sore after.

    Trying to walk as much as I can.