Let's be friends and crush this!

Hey! I'm getting back into fitness and healthy eating after quite a long hiatus. Would really love some support to get me to my goal weight. I have 60 lbs to lose and a lot of lifestyle habits to break!


  • KateJam50
    KateJam50 Posts: 3 Member
    Hi :-) I'm just starting out after a waaaaay too long "break" from living healthily. I've also set my goal at 60lbs! :) I'd love to gather a good support/accountability network.
  • Ind3p3dent
    Ind3p3dent Posts: 11 Member
    Same! I am also trying to lose about 60
  • J_NY_Z
    J_NY_Z Posts: 2,540 Member
    I've been doing this for a couple of years and learned a few things along the way. I'm by no means perfect or an expert at fitness.
  • amybuckle6973
    amybuckle6973 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi! I'm exactly the same, although looking to lose weight I really need to break some terrible eating habits! Feel free to add, the more motivational friends the better!x
  • AshMichele1228
    AshMichele1228 Posts: 2 Member
    Same here! Started back this year and am hoping to finally stick with it this time!!! Looking for more friends also, motivation is my greatest helper!!
  • cahubbard6421
    cahubbard6421 Posts: 769 Member
    I'm also looking to lose around 60 lbs
  • MyFitnessMBA
    MyFitnessMBA Posts: 3 Member
    So glad I found you all -I too am returning after a very long hiatus from a healthy lifestyle and want to lose 60 lbs.
  • Curiouslynn
    Curiouslynn Posts: 17 Member
    Same here! This is day 2 (again) for me. I really want to get to my goal this time and would love to have the support of like minded people for the good and the bad along the way. Feel free to add me 😊
  • sloveya831
    sloveya831 Posts: 1 Member
    I’m in the same boat as everyone here sounds like. I deal with a ton of health issues tho. I actually tried to start back working out over a week ago and then got really sick. I’ve barely been out of bed since. I’m hoping this week I can start back at!!!
  • owa1s
    owa1s Posts: 273 Member
    Let’s do this
  • taraheusch
    taraheusch Posts: 13 Member
    Pretty new also. Looking to lose 40lbs. Some days I’m psyched to log my food and other I want to throw the phone out the window but I won’t quit this time!
  • ambermallmon
    ambermallmon Posts: 1 Member
    I have just started going to the gym again and logging my food. I have 75 lbs to lose to be at my goal but my first small goal is to get under 200. 14 more pounds to go!
  • FireyChimera
    FireyChimera Posts: 155 Member
    Hello and I am also looking for friends, feel free to add me :)
  • ddavis6437
    ddavis6437 Posts: 4 Member
    Feel free to add me, I need some accountability. I too am starting over and need to drop ar least 25lbs but would be thrilled with more.
  • laniskalyn
    laniskalyn Posts: 6 Member
    Looking for friends to hold me accountable. I have 50lbs to lose and I don’t plan on stopping this time. Add me!
  • Em_Ruby85
    Em_Ruby85 Posts: 10 Member
    Same! I've done it before but then fell into all of my old habits and gained 30lbs! Add me 😊
  • missionpossible9
    missionpossible9 Posts: 2 Member
    I am also looking to lose about 60 lbs! I lost 75 lbs about 3 years ago and arrived at my goal weight. I had a heart attack last year and my life as I knew it ended with being chained to many meds, dr appts, extra stress.. I know what I need to do, but I am an emotional eater and I feel hungry all the time. I know I need to plan my meals out ahead which has been a problem. I need accountability and support! Very happy to have found this group!
  • Krissop
    Krissop Posts: 1 Member
    Hey. I'm trying to get back on the groove again of being healthy. I've had a lot of health problems but I'm not using that as an excuse anymore. I'm looking to start off losing 70 lbs. Looking for some motivating to keep going. Feel free to add me.