Do you use your exercise calories you earn??



  • ljrewa
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    I can go either way on this. I usually come in under my target intake of calories, but if I know I may be having a heavier caloric meal or going out, I may exercise extra to give me the added wiggle room. Sometimes momma needs a cocktail! :D
  • ConfidentRaven
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    For me it depends on the day. Most days are a strong no. However there are some days where I’m just hungry and I will eat some of them, though never more than half. Listen to your body and monitor how you feel and lose depending on whether you eat them or not.
  • TrishSeren
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    FormerAF wrote: »
    I am BY NO MEANS suggesting that anyone do this.

    My suggested calories goal set by MFP is 1200. Most days I only eat about 1000-1100. I also burn anywhere from 900-1800 via 2-hour bike rides at around 12-14 mph pace. I don’t eat back any of my calories burned. I don’t even eat my suggested calories. I’ve only been on this app for about 10 days and was down 7 pounds.
    Even though I exercise a lot I am just hardly ever hungry, now that I’m eating all healthy food.

    And NO, I DO NOT suggest this to anyone, just giving my two cents. I know my body well and will definitely eat more if I feel the need/desire to or start to feel exhausted.

    It's been 10 days this is an unsustainable plan and you'll likely crash and burn pretty shortly.
  • justanotherjenn
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    I consume about 50% of them, sometimes more if I'm still hungry, less if I'm not. I don't force myself to eat if I'm not hungry, but I'm careful not to over restrict since I have a bad history of it. But I also don't completely trust my Fitbit, so I think about half is safe for me.