Getting fit as a family

octleigh Posts: 86 Member
Been here for a while and left for a while. Here now for myself and my family. Trying to get it right this time. My son is a little overweight and my husband and I are trying to make changes to get us healthy and keep my other three children healthy. We’ve been enjoying finding new ways to eat what we love. Thought it would be nice to have friends here that were getting healthy with their kids.


  • mjwilson0708
    mjwilson0708 Posts: 17 Member
    One of our motivations as well is too get ourselves eating healthy so we can help our children develop good eating habits while their young. Both my wife and I did not have that as we grew up. My wife struggles making anything healthy that they will eat too. I’m sure you have faced that as well. It would be great to have friends like y’all that understand where we are coming from and relate too. Trying to eat healthy by yourself is a struggle enough, but doing it with kids almost feels impossible at times.
  • Foodiemom67
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    Last year, we as a family decided to get healthy. We continued on, ( my husband has lost almost 50 lbs, I have lost 65 lbs and our daughter has maintained her 20 lbs weight loss... but somehow our son, who just turned 11 fell off the wagon. (Or maybe it was us, the parents that didn't help him follow through?) Anyway, he has gained back half the weight he lost (last year he lost 22 lbs) and now he has decided to get started on his wellness journey again. This time around, we are helping him with healthier food choices, walking with him and me, his mom not becoming an enabler as usual. SIGH, this is hard but I'm glad to know we are not the only one with issues like these.