Work from home warriors

Hi all.

As I jump back on to the health wagon I wonder how many other work from home types there are here who can support each other in stepping away from the fridge, going for a walk during the day rather than catching up with Netflix and moving round the house during conference calls.

It’s a lonely life as a WFHer and would be good to connect with others in a similar position. I’m 40 year old British guy with a fair way to go and I’m sure I can’t be alone.

Drop me a line if your up for keeping each other in line. 😀


  • Mykatet
    Mykatet Posts: 54 Member
    I work from home as well. It does come with some unique challenges. I can wear sweatpants every day so that makes it easier to ignore weight gain. I have to be on the phone and the computer the same time so I can't walk around during work.
    I'm trying to lose about 100 pounds so I have a very long way to go. I find it pretty easy not to eat while working because I stay too busy.
  • witchaywoman81
    witchaywoman81 Posts: 280 Member
    I work from home as well. Just starting to get serious again and would like to lose about 60 pounds (not picking an exact goal yet; I’ll have a better idea as I get closer). I like being able to walk in place during conference calls and I’ve created my own “standing desk.” Feel free to add me!
  • lorrpb
    lorrpb Posts: 11,464 Member
    I lost 150 lbs while working from home. My desk area is literally next to the frig. Certainly there were and are challenges, but also, many advantages. I have the schedule flexibility to go for walks and do workouts at my preferred time. I don't have to waste time commuting, so I can use it for exercise. I can stock the fridge with healthy snacks and lunches. I don't have to deal with office treats or lunches out with clients or coworkers that blow a calorie budget. I rarely have to travel for work so it is easier to maintain my healthy routines. I can always keep a water bottle on my desk to keep well hydrated. I have a little more time and flexibility to prep healthy meals, start a pot of soup in the afternoon, etc that I couldn't do if I got home at 6pm.
    What advantages do you have in your situation?
  • estherdragonbat
    estherdragonbat Posts: 5,285 Member
    I work from home. Mostly, I keep low-cal snacks on-hand, go for long walks when I can, use the glider in the basement when I can't, and strength-train.
  • Birdie8185
    Birdie8185 Posts: 7 Member
    I work from home and the easy access to food is a killer. I can easily be an unaware eater, nibbling and eating without even realizing it
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,720 Member
    Today is my work from home day... the thing i like most is that i can get out for a run at lunchtime while its still light!
  • blacknauf22
    blacknauf22 Posts: 3 Member
    I work from home, but I have an at home daycare, so I am moving around constantly. The challenge is seeing all the kid snacks and not taking a handful here and there! If there's one thing mfp shows me it's that everything adds up quickly.
  • NHDaisy2
    NHDaisy2 Posts: 151 Member
    I am new to working from home full time. I've always done it as needed/part time. What I have found since beginning that routine is everything. Just like I had a routine for when I drove to the office - I am myself into a new routine.

    When I was at the office I tried to take two 20 minute walks each day and went to gym occasionally on days off. Now wfh I get up at the same time but, instead of showering and getting ready for work - I head to the gym. I still start work at the same time except I now I shower and dress when I would normally take my first 20 minute walk. Depending on my meeting schedule if I can get an additional walk in I will. So far it's working.

    One thing I have always done when wfh is get dressed in actual clothes that I would wear to the office (pretty much anything except sweatpants, leggings, shorts). I find that helps w/my waist expanding w/out knowing it. There is an occasional Friday that I will wear elastic waistbands since I work 1/2 days on Fridays.