I lost 106 pounds— looking to make friends who need/want accountability 💪🏽

I lost 106 pounds in 2014 & have kept the weight off ever since! I did it by eating a balanced diet (lean proteins, complex carbs, & healthy fats) . Looking to make new friends who need accountability partners.


  • jryd14
    jryd14 Posts: 58 Member
    I need that. I'm down 36 since last year. Almost at my goal weight, but I want to keep improving.
    I calorie/macro/ and micro watch. Along with resistance training and some sports for HIIT.
    I definetly want more friends to keep me on my toes
  • PamperYourBaby2
    PamperYourBaby2 Posts: 26 Member
    EXCELLENT JOB!!!.....So Inspiring...and you are right...NEVER GIVE UP. I have 100lbs to lose as well....down 25lbs so far. Thanks for sharing...you've encouraged me.
  • lucyluvhandles
    lucyluvhandles Posts: 138 Member
    Wow you look amazing! Great job at keeping it off.
  • AprilSue
    AprilSue Posts: 88 Member
    Wow!!!! Great job. You look amazing. I have 30 pounds to go and just hit a plateau. I can’t add for some reason but feel free to add me.
  • PiscesIntuition
    PiscesIntuition Posts: 1,365 Member
    Congrats sis!
  • MidModJenn
    MidModJenn Posts: 216 Member
    You look amazing! The picture of health. Would love to add you as that's exactly what I want to work towards!
  • daniellam01
    daniellam01 Posts: 2,583 Member
    That's great.
  • fiteyacom
    fiteyacom Posts: 14 Member
    great result! congrats!
  • LilyDaySpa
    LilyDaySpa Posts: 38 Member
    Very good dedication indeed
  • blackandsilver247
    blackandsilver247 Posts: 1 Member
    Congrats!!! Keep it up!!