Hi, everyone! I need some help/recommendations! I love my coffee in the morning with vanilla creamer. I tend to put a lot of creamer in my coffee and the calories really add up. I've tried sugar free vanilla but didn't really care for it. Do any of you have a creamer you love that isn't so high in calorie?


  • chelny
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    This may not help you. I realize it’s different. I can tolerate coffee with cream, but prefer lattes. I’ve been making my lattes lately with almond milk (unsweetened, but there are obviously sweetened ones). You could try almond milk. Probably need more of the milk than how much cream you use, but it’s lower calories.
  • lgfrie
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    I'm gonna second the Almond Milk recommendation. It's delicious and at 30 calories a cup for the unsweetened, has 1/4th the calories of milk, and even less compared to cream. You can use it at will in whatever quantities you want and barely make a dent in your calories for the day. Once I discovered it, it quickly became the only milk product I use and I've never looked back. Really nice, subtle nutty flavor.
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    I've never tried almond milk, but I'll give it try! Thanks! :smile:
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    Almond water suggestions are great...maybe slowly cut back on the creamer? May I be your first friend?
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    I really enjoy vanilla oat milk creamer. I drink it in either iced coffee or cold brew, 1-2 tsp per 16 oz of coffee. Do you drink hot coffee? If you like cold coffee, you shoupd try cold brew as it isn't as bitter as hot coffee. I used to use a lot more creamer but have slowly transitioned to using less.
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    Another trick? If you don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners (I dislike them) don't switch fully to them - add half sugar free and half real sugar (or some other proportion). It tastes a lot better and the sugar hides the weirdness of the other a bit.
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    I brew the french vanilla coffee and add original creamer to it. Oh I also use Splenda for sweetness. I also use hazelnut flavored coffee. French toast flavors. Chocolate. So many kinds. Oh all coffees are 2 cals per cup I brew. The creamer I use is non dairy about 4 tsp. 40 cals Good luck ☕️