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Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • klaw28x
    klaw28x Posts: 11 Member
    Add me if you want a Fitness Friendly Friend
  • william622
    william622 Posts: 606 Member
  • kensushi
    kensushi Posts: 5 Member
    edited August 2019
    Always could use more friends. I do boxing/mma/kickboxing guy that does resistance training as well. Feel free to add!
  • MouseQueen85
    MouseQueen85 Posts: 1 Member
    Just joined and would love more friends. Add me. 😁
  • JessT1299
    JessT1299 Posts: 25 Member
    Please feel free to add me, I’m always looking for more support! Best of luck to you all on your journey! 🙂🙃
  • d_david_o
    d_david_o Posts: 35 Member
    Hi all, looking forward to connecting to help each other out with our goals. Feel free to add me!
  • LostIrish85
    LostIrish85 Posts: 21 Member
    Could do with more friends, just joined again after a few years away and need all the support/motivation I can get 😀
  • Swingyourpants
    Swingyourpants Posts: 15 Member
    Just came back to the circus with some issues I need to deal with. Add please, especially if you are UK
  • kelsiiox
    kelsiiox Posts: 1 Member
    Hey. I would love some friends, im just getting back in to things after having a baby 3 months ago . I gained 4 stone!!!! I try and go to the gym 2-3 times a week. Based in Glasgow, scotland. I really need some motivational friends
  • 1998SK
    1998SK Posts: 29 Member
    More friends are needed! 🙃
  • klaw28x
    klaw28x Posts: 11 Member
    Anyone close to Knoxville Tennessee. I have a membership at National Fitness. I work out more at my job but wouldn't mind encouraging people to hit the gym
  • Icecreamjorna
    Icecreamjorna Posts: 46 Member
    Hey everyone I'm Jo, 27 from Wales! Please add me :smiley:
  • Eric_smeric
    Eric_smeric Posts: 40 Member
    I'm game. I just returned to mfp after a three year hiatus using another app. So hello everyone.
  • Cherry2890
    Cherry2890 Posts: 6 Member
    I wanna have lots of friends from all over the world.. I hope to meet many :D:D:D
  • SolarDeathRay
    SolarDeathRay Posts: 6 Member
    looking for friends, interested in peoples diaries and progress.
  • rdillonwine
    rdillonwine Posts: 9 Member
    Looking for friends for accountability
  • amybuckle6973
    amybuckle6973 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi! The more friends to support each other the better! Feel free to add :smile:
  • jennaheft
    jennaheft Posts: 8 Member
    New here & would love to build a community!!
  • Lousalt4
    Lousalt4 Posts: 9 Member
    I’m new to this but not sure how to add friends

    But would love addition people to help support
  • OhhaiZora
    OhhaiZora Posts: 6 Member
    Hello! Please feel free to add me. The more friends the merrier!