Help I've stalled!



  • cobalt108
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    Not sure if this was mentioned, but are you getting enough sleep/ downtime?
    I went through a frustrating slump where the scale didn’t budge even though my eating and gym habits were solid. A suddenly super busy schedule and extra stress had me doing late nights and early mornings. Once I was able to catch up on some rest and started getting back on track with some daily yoga moves, I started losing again. It may seem a little silly but stress and sleep deprivation really stalled my progress.

    Another thing that may help is to change up your exercise routine. Maybe your body isn’t being challenged enough and you need to amp it up a little or even try a more intensive workout class.

    It’s so frustrating when progress stalls. I’m sorry your going though it, just keep pushing through!
  • Servalbanshee
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    2300 is above maintenance. You have great consistency, and a great routine. Mix it up for a mere, a tiny, a short, two weeks, okay? Do stuff very differently for two weeks.
    An example: pretty much stop vigorous exercise, focus on getting and extra hour+ of sleep, see a movie, read a book, eat 1900 kcal. Then after two weeks click back into your old routine.
    You can do the discipline thing, obviously. Practice doing something very different, and returning to your routine.

    Thanks, I may try that. I'd rather do that then cut my calories really low. Sounds like a good way to kill my metabo. For sure don't wanna do that.
  • dloewen17
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    I don’t think you’re really doing anything wrong. You know the game and you’ve played it well. You’re active and you weigh and log foods and you know the formula to lose weight. Congrats on your weight loss so far! The human body is just a seriously complex thing. Definitely don’t go too low on your calories. 2,300 doesn’t sound high to me. In fact that’s where I lost the last 5 pounds to get to my goal weight. We’re all different. Some people need to be at 1,200 calories to lose and others can be a lot higher. MFP has me at 2,600 calories to lose 1/2 lb a week and I’m Male 6’0 and 168 pounds. I’m in construction too so I’m pretty active. I think there’s some weight in taking a break. Sometimes a fitness or diet routine just needs to be set aside for a week to let the body recover. More isn’t always better. For some people doing a fast can help you reset and then get back to work. Definitely get your sleep and don’t let stress get to you. Maybe change your macros up a bit. But you’ve got it figured out. Maybe just need a little more time. After all you’ve lost a lot of weight so your body has worked really hard to ditch the fat.
  • Servalbanshee
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    Ok guys so what I've decided to do is this, I've started 20:4 fasting. I'm on my second day and have lost 1 pound so far. Hope that a sign of what's to come. I've also added in 1 solid hour or cardio on my bike. I'm burning 770 calories in that hour. Hope this change in routine pull my out of the plateau! Thank you all!