Looking for friends - people who are active on MFP and are motivated

Hey everyone! I lost 90 pounds about 5 or 6 years ago and kept it off for 4 years. I struggled to keep it off in 2017 after getting out of an abusive relationship, then in 2018 I returned to old habits and was fighting a major infection. I'm up 29 pounds, realistically want to lose about 10 to 15 pounds to be healthy and fit into my clothes again (30 pounds off from here was too thin looking back.) I'm looking for motivated friends to inspire my motivation, and vice versa. I'm trying to do it right this time and address my emotional issues along the journey. I am seeking out friends to make myself feel more active and involved in the app, and to get things going with losing this bit of weight. Please add me and I will add back!

Much love,
Amber ♡


  • mcemino2
    mcemino2 Posts: 427 Member
    Feel free to add me, read your profile and love your attitude and likes.
  • floceist
    floceist Posts: 38 Member
    Feel free to add me 😊
  • robbell678
    robbell678 Posts: 140 Member
    Hi,.. add me if you dare!
    Kidding aside,..love this app and has changed me a lot.
    Here to help!😀
  • RaevsReality
    RaevsReality Posts: 31 Member
    I feel you re: dealing with emotional issues along the journey. As a serial starter, it was the thing that always surprised me and tripped me up.

    After a recent (current?) health scare I'm back and determined to take the reins. Plan on checking in often, both on the site and with my friends list.

    Feel free to add!