calories vs what type of foods u eat - what's more important?

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what's more important when it comes to weight loss, calories or eating only healthy foods?

for example today and yesterday i pretty much ate under my calorie limit but on saturday i had 2 small waffles, one hobnob chocolate cookie and a 90 calorie brownie thing
an then today i had 3 small waffles and a 90 calorie waffle thing and i feel guilty and feel like i've over eaten or whatever even bough it's still in my calories and i'm confused to why this is

sorry if this question is confusing


  • nighthawk584
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    As Lynda said, staying at calorie deficit is the key no matter what you eat. That being said, I prefer to eat healthier choices in foods. I feel so much better and fuller longer.
  • LyndaBSS
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    If you're not using a food scale already, get one. It will become one of the strongest tools in your arsenal.
  • MikePTY
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    Calories is the only thing that matters for weight loss. As long as you are within your calories, you will lose weight, regardless of what you eat.

    You probably feel guilty and like you have overeaten because we have been conditioned as a society to believe that certain foods are "good" and "bad". So since you think the foods you ate are bad, that is why you feel that way. But the truth is you did not overeat and there is really no such thing as good or bad foods in isolation.
  • diannethegeek
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    Calories are king for weight loss. Eating in a way that helps you feel happy, healthy, and sane are all important, but it's the calories that matter.

    It doesn't sound like you ate anything to be worth feeling guilty for. I would try to interrupt those thoughts when you can and recognize them as social conditioning instead of a useful tool because food guilt doesn't help most people lose weight. It just made me miserable through the process.
  • JBanx256
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    Calories are all that matter for weight loss.
    The "types" of food you eat matter more when it comes to health, performance, body composition, etc.
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    Calories are king!
  • zebasschick
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    only calories matter when it comes to losing weight. but without weighing your food, you really have no idea how many calories you're eating. i lost a bunch of weight while including pizza, potato chips and a variety of chocolate treats. i just budgeted them in my daily calories.

    btw, i had a friend who gamed all day, basically lived on candy bars and microwave burritos, and lost weight.
  • nutmegoreo
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    Calories matter for weight loss. Nutrition is important for health.
  • lemurcat2
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    Calories determine whether you lose, gain, or maintain.

    What foods you eat may make it more or less likely that you are at a calorie deficit or surplus, if you are not counting, or may make it harder or easier to have a calorie deficit.

    I gained a bunch of weight eating mainly foods that people would call "healthy foods." It's calories.
  • Evamutt
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    before mfp & losing weight, I ate healthy, didn't eat or rarely eat: soda, bread, pasta, take out, eating out, snack, dessert/sweets. Went to gym & generally active. That's why Id get upset when my Dr told me to lose weight, I'd think HOW? I ate mostly chicken, veggies & rice & ate twice a day more often than not. I can tell you I FEEL a lot better when I eat healthy & crappy when I have "junk" food
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    I agree with all of the above, and believe they are all correct.

    My life long best friend lost all her weight and maintained just watching calories, she literally lived on Little Debbies, Hostess Cakes, doughnuts, sometimes she ate out at fast food restaurants.

    So, yes you can lose weight just off calories deficit. Of course her foods were lacking nutritional value... She ended up having some of her toenails literally just fall off, and ended up with adrenal fatigue and hormonal problems with the diagnosis of being malnourished.

    She now eats a pretty balanced diet, is a life member of weight watchers, still addicted and loves her sweets, but now limits her sweets a little (a normal sized dessert after dinner or one cookie with her lunch). Still eats out a lot, but counts her weight watchers points and fills up on their zero point foods. Still maintains a healthy weight to this day. (Nails never grew back though).

    So, I have seen weight-loss work no matter what the quality of food was... But, would still recommend some nutrient filled choices!
  • conniewilkins56
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    You get a lot fuller on healthy food than empty calorie junk foods!
  • Dvdgzz
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    I cut on almost 100% junk food(as an experiment and am now doing the same with 50% junk while concentrating on getting my protein in. My junk food cut was successful but I do notice I am holding onto more muscle with the higher protein intake. The extra fiber and protein seem to help with satiety as well.
  • zebasschick
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    You get a lot fuller on healthy food than empty calorie junk foods!

    hmmm... that's never been the case for me. i get just as full on cake as on tofu with ginger dressing.