Can workout really put on 3kg of fluid?

So I weighed myself on weds and I was 76.2kg. I’ve been hovering around that for weeks now so wasn’t surprised. Weds night I started new gym classes, rpm, core and boxing (morning and night). I weighed myself thurs and I was 77.5kg, Friday 78.6kg and today 79.5kg. I have DOMS but this seems excessive! I am really tired despite good sleep (hadbloods done and low in iron so on supps ) I’m not on my cycle and I’m weighing and eating within my calories daily. I don’t understand and I’ve been at it for so long and am so tired that I just want to curl up and give up at this point. Is this normal?


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    Well lets put it this way: You certainly didn't put on 3kg of fat in 3 days. That would have required you to eat 23100 calories over maintenance. That certainly didn't happen. So it's clear that this is water weight.

    As for the exact reasoning? It's impossible to predict 100%, as water weight can come from a number of different factors, but pushing yourself in exercise far beyond normal can certainly cause it. It sounds like you significantly upped your exercise level, which makes it the likely culprit. Back in May, when I had my Krav Maga belt test, which was 4 hours of intense insane physical activity outside, I added 5 pounds of water weight in 48 hours afterwards. So if you are repeatedly doing significant new exercise, I imagine it will was more extreme in your case. If you keep up with your routine and it doesn't burn you out, eventually your body will compensate and won't hold on to the extra fluid.

    Not knowing your fitness level before this, it's possibly if you went from 0 to 100 super quick like that, it might be too much for you body and you'd be better served by easing into it.

    Thank you, I am fit in the sense that I can walk and hike all day, and do farm work etc but come to my muscle strength and I’m evidently very unfit. Most of my exercise has been intense and focused on muscles.
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    Just to make sure, are you weighing under identical conditions: ie fasted, first thing in the morning,etc?

    3kg sounds a shade high, but I have (verified) gained 4 lb of water due to DOMS after one hard(er) workout with a bunch of new exercises.
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    I weigh at exactly the same time first thing in the morning.
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    Sure it can! I routinely put on that much after a half marathon. It all comes off within two weeks or so.
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    Yup. After an unusually hard workout, that would not be out of the question, although I think it's on the higher end of what I'd expect to see. I put on 8 pounds of water weight after my last half marathon.

    You know it's not fat, so don't worry about it :)
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    Up another 0.5kg this morning. Went for a long walk and eating lighter than usual today. Will see how it is in the morning. If it is still going up steadily over the next few days I might visit the Dr just in case there’s something else going on.
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    It takes me 3 - 4 weeks for the water retention etc to drop off after starting back at the gym.
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    You did 4 classes in one day? As day 1 (of gym classes)? I understand you are fit-but these sound like movements and workout types that are new to you?

    I am also in the 8+ pounds water gained after a half marathon club. It takes a week or two to stabilize.

    So 3kg after suddenly doing 4 classes of new to you types of movement seems reasonable to me.
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    Oh no I started it on Thursday but that was over the days since thurs. I weighed myself today on two different scales (my usual and a new one) and both said 78.2 so I’m dropping off. I hiked 10km uphill yesterday so I’m wondering if that got things flushed out a bit.
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    Yes it’s normal. There are threads snout this topic on here every day. Some women experience water retention around ovulation in mid cycle do this could be another factor for you. Keep up the good work!
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    Yes it’s normal. There are threads snout this topic on here every day. Some women experience water retention around ovulation in mid cycle do this could be another factor for you. Keep up the good work!

    Hannah I was wondering if you were ovulating too - is your period due in about two weeks? I had high sodium Thai food and was ovulating and went up 4 pounds this month. The increase started on the 11th and today I am at a new low, just in time to start adding premenstrual water weight :lol:

    If I'd started a new workout at the same time, that could have easily have added a few more pounds.


    App is Happy Scale
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    OP a change of workout/more intense exercise and hormones are the most likely cause -as others have said already, it will stabilize, some time in a few days, some times a bit longer.

    @kshama2001 In the two weeks before my period is due I also retain water to the tune of 3-4lbs and for going on 10 days, wasn't always as bad as this, am finding it only happening in recent months - the joys eh! think I'm not far off being peri-menopausal!
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    It’s most likely a combination of water and replenishing of glycogen. For each gram of carbs your body takes in in glycogen stores it also takes in around 3.5 grams of water and sodium.

    Glycogen is for instantaneous energy as where fat is for long term mostly. You’re also going to intake water into the muscles to aid in repair based upon the activity you did.
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    I have been known to put on as much as 12lb in water weight after a long run, so yep its possible. The good news is it normally drops off pretty fast too
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    I haven’t had my period in over eight months due to low iron which my doctor is working on so I doubt it’s hormonal fluctuations
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    Water + Waste + Other Stuff.

    It all adds up to weight that doesn't come from body fat.