I succeed..then I quit...wtf?!

I'm bridgett...im no stranger to mfp and how it can be so helpful and set a person up for success. However, I do well everytime...i lose weight...stick to it and then for whatever reason I just completely stop. Stop logging...stop interacting and start all over. I'm so freaking sick of this cycle. I need accountability and consistency and support. 😂help a girl out.


  • kristenmary70
    kristenmary70 Posts: 55 Member
    It happens to everybody. But now that you know your pattern, you can break it!!
  • Soon2BFit_85
    Soon2BFit_85 Posts: 15 Member
    Im super hopeful! Thank you =)
  • LyndaBSS
    LyndaBSS Posts: 6,970 Member
    Accountability comes from within.

    You just need to give yours a kick in the butt. 😉
  • Nfedewa9442
    Nfedewa9442 Posts: 30 Member
    At least you know it works. Many don’t until they do. I say you’re at a better starting spot than some!
  • Soon2BFit_85
    Soon2BFit_85 Posts: 15 Member
    Yes mam you are 1000 percent right.
  • DSW52
    DSW52 Posts: 6 Member
    😭😭me too. It’s almost like you reward yourself. For being good. I’m about 15 pounds heavier than I like. The crazy thing is I eat well exercise but pick a lot and have sweet tooth. Menopause and low thyroid don’t help. Saw a picture of me and was so sad. Definitely need accountability
  • WifeofGray
    WifeofGray Posts: 12 Member
    Same here. This is like my 3rd time. Last time I lost the weight and stuck with it for a year then just quit. Don’t know why. Much harder to lose it this time. I’m older with a bad knee. 🙄 But I’m determined.
  • DadBodClub
    DadBodClub Posts: 198 Member
    It could be because you’re a human and we are all flawed