Old Member Comes Back

Hello everyone.

I used to use this app to deal with my daily needs. Somehow I got to get my weight down from 60kg to 52 kg and then I deleted the app.

Silly me, I got back to 56 in a few months.

Guess I’m the type that will go dirty without reminder and encouragement 😂
I am here to find fellow dieting friends so we could encourage each other and share our experiences.

The more the merrier!


  • st8wrkr
    st8wrkr Posts: 3 Member
    I’m back in I two I got down to my goal weight of 189lbs then drifted back up to 213 :( - time to get back on the plan!
  • WifeofGray
    WifeofGray Posts: 12 Member
    Same reason I’m back. Was at my highestest ever weight, joined and lost 47 pounds. Then quit. I’m back because I reached a new high. 😡
  • yoyo526
    yoyo526 Posts: 1 Member
    it makes me feel less guilty when i eat a little over the limit
  • shannonlesley9
    shannonlesley9 Posts: 10 Member
    Same boat here.
  • van780
    van780 Posts: 13 Member
    I didnt use lose weight originally with myfitnesspal, but I'm trying it this time around. I've used it in the past to track calories , but found it tough to keep up with. I'm gonna try it for 2 weeks and see how it goes :) I'm up 17 lbs:(