Evening snacks

Hi all,

Please can anyone suggest any nice healthy snacks sweet or savory?

Evening is when I crave snacks.

Thanks in advance.



  • MelanieCN77
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    What's healthy or not for you? I eat fruit and yoghurt and add in depending on how many calories I have left - sunflower seeds, flax, chia, peanut butter. Sometimes I'll slice an apple with a little cheese and crackers and nuts again, depending on how many cals I have.
  • ShellyOH81
    ShellyOH81 Posts: 5 Member
    Thank you. Like low calorie snacks.
  • MelanieCN77
    MelanieCN77 Posts: 4,047 Member
    Well low calorie and healthy aren't always the same. How about just a calorie appropriate amount of whatever you like?
  • ShellyOH81
    ShellyOH81 Posts: 5 Member
    That's a good idea actually thank you.
  • adotbaby
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    My favorite evening snack is a banana with 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and Hershey light chocolate syrup.
  • Gisel2015
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    My after dinner desert (fruit and yogurt or cottage cheese most of the time), counts as my evening snack.
  • ShellyOH81
    ShellyOH81 Posts: 5 Member
    Thanks all <3
  • gallicinvasion
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    I leave 300-400 calories for dessert. 2 tbsp of peanut butter and a bunch of stuff to dip in it (pretzels, dark chocolate...)
  • springlering62
    springlering62 Posts: 6,808 Member
    I always have one of these:

    1.) banana/cup of almond milk/8 grams ghirardelli sweet cocoa/.5 serving peanut butter powder with ice blended as a smooth. Comes in under 200 calories.

    2.) serving each of low fat cottage cheese, strawberries, frozen blueberries, with 20ml of dark balsamic vanilla or strawberry flavored vinegar, and 8 gm grapenuts on top. Comes in around 240 calories and super sweet, satisfying and filling. And it takes forever to eat because it’s a giant honking bowl of sweet goodness.

    If I have an evening where I can afford both after dinner, as occasionally happens, it’s Like Woot! Woot! Woot!!!!!!!

    I’ve had triangles from a giant chocolate bar in the freezer for five months now and have only touched them once. It’s a mental tug of war..... one or two triangles for a moments bliss, or a whole ninja blender jug or bowl of yumminess. Amazing how it retrained my brain to start thinking of it like that.
  • happyauntie2015
    happyauntie2015 Posts: 282 Member
    My snacks vary depending on how many calories and carbs I have remaining for the day. I've had cheese and pecans, half a banana and peanut butter, frozen yogurt and a few berries (I like to freeze my two good yogurts), half an apple and peanut butter, beef stick and cheese and sometimes if I'm wanting a milkshake I'll take a premier protein shake, pb2 and some ice and toss it in my blender.
  • Suprafun
    Suprafun Posts: 2 Member
    I like the Hersheys Special Dark Chocolate mini morsels. I fill up about 5 or 6 fun size zip lock bags with about 25 in each at 70 calories. Also, like them chilled in the freezer or fridge. I'll throw in a few walnuts and raisins for a workday snack.
  • Boomshakalaka01
    Boomshakalaka01 Posts: 65 Member
    Smartfoods Cheese popcorn. It's salty/carby-like, and you can eat a lot of it without it shoving your caloric intake really high.