Hoping I can keep the momentum

I started my weight loss/physical fitness journey seven months ago. I’ve tried to stay positive throughout the ups and downs. I’m deployed where I could easily focus on me. When I get home, I’m nervous that home life will bring me back to square one. I hope that I’ve finally made a lifestyle change and can keep it up despite home distractions😬 Wish me luck! 05ue77lliq44.jpeg


  • BradleyAkins
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  • watts6151
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    You’ve made great progress in 7 months👍
  • BradleyAkins
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    Thank you!
  • giancarlov1191
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    Looking good man!
  • BZAH10
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    Great job! Since you said you're deployed I don't think you need any advice as far as self-discipline and routine. Thank you for your service!

    I would suggest making a plan for when you go home. Try to make a schedule for your meals and what you'll eat. Eating as a family doesn't necessarily mean everyone eats the same things and certainly not the same amounts. Plan ahead but also have options so that you can be flexible when things come up, as they always do.
  • BradleyAkins
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    Thank you for your support. I think that’s what I’m going to have to do. What I need to keep/improve on these gains and what my family needs are two different things. Hopefully some meal prep will help keep the routine going.
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    Good job
  • newholls
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    Wow! What an achievement, you've had an incredible transformation in just 7 months!! Home life can make it very difficult to maintain your routines, the important thing is to make sure you do what's good for you aswell as family etc, you are just as important and this is something worth sticking at when you have come so far already. I'm really inspired, I've just started my journey but makes me hopefull. Even a result half of what you achieved I would be over the moon, you are doing amazing!!
  • evansjoe
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    Wow you are inspirational, did this a few years ago and felt great but sadly I have got into bad habits. I’ve just started again. Keep up the good work