Weight training makes me look bigger :/

I’ve been struggling to lose weight since young. I used to weigh 130kg I weigh 113 now. I lost about 17 kg but the thing is I’m not seeing much difference on my body. I’ve been doing a lot of weight training and my coach said that’s helping me lose weight but my concern I stay looking big and not much difference. My shoulders looks so broad to me compared to last time and there was one time throughout the journey I stopped training for 2 weeks. No lifting and out of no where everyone started saying I lost SO much weight. It’s as if only if I stop weight training people notice the difference. Does lifting actually makes one look bigger? I’m a girl btw and my shoulders v broad and I hate it. Should o continue training or stop training and do cardio only? Help pls


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    Thank you but would you recommend me to continue to build muscle or stop to look thinner
    Your shoulders look bigger because your waist is smaller. You look great to me.

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    Congrats on the loss, I think you look great! There’s a huge difference, maybe you/your coworkers just haven’t noticed much because they see you every day. Your shoulders might seem broader to you because you are standing with better posture and your waist is so much smaller. It also looks like there’s less weight around your arms. I don’t know much about weights but it looks like it has been helping you so far

    Aww thank you so much 💜
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    I think there is an immense difference, pretty much in all body parts. Are you taking measurements?

    You see yourself every day, so you are less apt to notice the differences. It's also REALLY hard to be objective about ourselves. In my opinion, whatever you're doing, KEEP DOING IT!
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    You look smaller and have a healthier looking body composition.

    There is well established evidence on the benefits of lifting. Quality and longer life being two important ones.

    Discuss with your coach your concerns and long term plans.

    Your doing extremely well!
  • Keep doing what you’re doing you look great! Congratulations on your weight loss 🤗
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    I think you’re just developing a great hourglass figure and your smaller waist is making you think your shoulders are bigger. Keep lifting - you won’t build muscle in a hurry I promise - and you’ll get toned and fit as well as building healthy strong bones.
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    I think you look fab in picture 2.
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    I think you look much fitter in the second picture and are no where close to being overly muscular.

    Have you been taking measurements? As I lift weights and lose weight, my lying eyes have told me my biceps are bigger, but the tape measure says otherwise.

    It takes quite a bit of effort for women to put on significant muscle. I won't say it's impossible to do so in a calorie deficit, but just really, really difficult.
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    I echo others , you look really good! keep up the good work!
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    You look fantastic! Well done!
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    Keep going! Keep lifting!
    You look fantastic
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    Your waist, your hips, arms, very noticeably smaller. Congratulations, great progress!
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    You look much better in the second picture :)