HELP ME!!!!?

I have lost all motivation and seriously want to get back on my fitness journey I have lost 90lbs and gained like 10 lbs back over 2 years. I still fill like I can get to my best potential. Please add me or if you are in a great support group share! Thank you!


  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,345 Member
    Well done on 90lbs lost! what I would say is time to get back on track now before the 10lbs turns into more - motivation is fleeting but please try and be positive and stick with this, you must be feeling so good since you have lost your weight, yes it takes effort to keep going and then maintain but its worth it.

    All the best.

  • Sadie2PointOh
    Sadie2PointOh Posts: 34 Member
    Wow! You recently lost 90 lbs? That's amazing! I can only imagine what a long, hard journey that was. Your ability is obviously there and sometimes I think that is part of the struggle in finding the gumption & motivation (Can I even do this? How do I do this? Am I going to get to the finish line?) You've already answered those questions with your wonderful results. You've worked too hard to fall back. Get back at can obviously do it! 😀
  • cmriverside
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    The first year of Maintenance I gained back a few, too.

    You know what to do! Welcome back. :flowerforyou:
  • annliz23
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    You are doing great just keep going, remember there will always be ups and down, I lose the put back on mainly due to birthdays, holidays Christmas, Halloween, barbecues etc... lol!
  • MizzouWins
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    You are doing a great job it is about highs and lows and finding maintenance keep up the Good Work let me know if you need any tips I have lost over 100 pounds and manage to keep it off.