Is this safe?

Hey guys.

So I’m losing weight. I’m basically 167cm at 53.4kg.

I am unsure to whether I need to eat back my calories.

For example. For the last week my Apple Watch has totalled 500-650 active calories. I am eating about 1350.

So that leaves me with net 700ish calories

Is that enough?


  • Cahgetsfit
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    If you're using MFP the way you're meant to be using it - as in - eating back your exercise calories - eat them back.

    Otherwise, work out your TDEE enter all your exercise as "1" and don't worry about how much you need to eat back depending on how active you were because it will be the same every day. Less to think/worry about.
  • DancingMoosie
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    You need to NET at least 1200. But, at a low weight for your height, try to eat more. What does it give you to maintain?
  • etherealanwar
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    Unless you want to be underweight you shouldn't be losing anymore.
  • kshama2001
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    This woman felt fine on calories not even as low as yours...until her heart gave out and she almost died:

    Unlike other sites which use TDEE calculators, MFP uses the NEAT method (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), and as such this system is designed for exercise calories to be eaten back. However, many consider the burns given by MFP to be inflated for them and only eat a percentage, such as 50%, back. Others, however, are able to lose weight while eating 100% of their exercise calories.