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Stop Procrastinating And Get To Work!!! #Motivation101

Sharod_BeastFitSharod_BeastFit Posts: 52Member, Premium Member Posts: 52Member, Premium Member
Its time to put your past behind you! And putting your FUTURE and GOALS in front of you and pursue it like you are running into that inzone because nobody cant! There Is no more I shouldve done differently! I shouldve eating better! I should have worked out a long time ago!

No! What matter is that you go and get it And work on change you! The time is now! Not later on! Not tomorrow! Not next week! Its starts right now! If you aint got time now! Make time now! If your at work or anywhere....then after work or wherever you are...leave the car and walk a 1/2 mile to and back! equals 1 mile! And say to yourself...

"I will start my journey. I will not give up! I must focus! I must stay on track! I must stay consistent! I must stay strong! I will win! I will make it! And I will succeed!"

Return to your car. Get inside! Relax! Take a deep breath and say "I got this!" 3 times to thoses out there who ever doubted you! Who ever believed that you couldn't do it! Or who failed to give you the support that you needed! Well, I'm telling you right now... "You can do it! You will win! And you will succeed! Now let's get fit and have some fun! I believe in you! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 💪🏾


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