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Does Weight loss and Hair loss go hand in hand?



  • SCoil123
    SCoil123 Posts: 2,108 Member
    I lost hair when I was under eating
  • kiela64
    kiela64 Posts: 1,448 Member
    I started getting a massive hair shed around when I hit 40lbs lost. It was coming out in handfuls and I had to cut my (then past waist-length hair to a bob) just to be able to brush out all the falling, tangled hair.

    I was also under-eating some days and getting occasional dizzy spells. I wasn’t accurately tracking calories burned, and my goal was too aggressive because I was often trying to make up for weekend splurges.

    I turned out to also have low iron for which I’ve been supplementing for several months and I’m still trying to build back to normal.

    Something like this really needs a doctor visit and some blood work to investigate, in addition to checking for under-eating and missing macros/vitamins.

    Hair loss can have lots of causes so i would recommend upping calories to your goal & speaking with your doctor ASAP.
  • Cahgetsfit
    Cahgetsfit Posts: 1,913 Member
    edited September 2019
    vopat45 wrote: »
    Ill be truthful, I stopped logging because I was eating way under my Cal goal for a while and I figured since I was not eating over my calorie goal of 1900 I dont have to log it... Some days ill eat 1300 Calories a day and some days Ill eat 1000 calories.

    Jeez dude, there's your answer! Start eating again and make sure you get enough protein. My hair and nails grow like mofo due to high protein intake. I literally have to dye my white roots every 2 weeks coz hair grows that fast.

    Like other people have said - eat food.

    Have a diet break for a bit - a GOOD bit - log all your meals at maintenance calories, not at a loss - for like a MONTH even. Then reduce your cals for a moderate deficit and continue to plug along.


    EDIT - ooops - just realised this is a zombie thread....
  • smantha32
    smantha32 Posts: 7,001 Member
    Damn.. zombie thread. lol
  • koalathebear
    koalathebear Posts: 236 Member
    I think it's a good zombie thread to resurrect though. A lot of people don't know that under-eating can lead to hair loss. As I said to someone I know who was deliberately undereating and getting very faint and dizzy - "You're losing weight because you want to look better/feel better - what's the point eating so little that you might lose your hair, feel faint all the time have bad skin ... organ failure!!!?"
  • elfin168
    elfin168 Posts: 197 Member
    when i was drastically undereating as a anorexic 18 year old i would run my hands through my hair and it would come out in my hands. i think you need to start logging your intake and make sure that you are getting enough protein, carbs, fats etc. a doctors checkup may not go amiss either
  • mgalsf12
    mgalsf12 Posts: 329 Member
    Do you have a healthy diet? Are you getting your vitamins, calcium, protein? Veggies? Fruit? Whole grain?