I don’t seem to be losing anymore?

Hi all! I’m a 25 year old female I currently weigh 198.6lb and started at 207.6lb and basically I seem to be stuck at the current weight

MFP has my calories set at 1330. I work about 7 hours a day, six days a week, as a waitress and barista so basically I’m on my feet all day. I also go to the gym about 3/4 times a week and do cardio and strength. I do about 30 mins of each and work our all my body.

I’ve lost a couple of inches but the scale seems to get stuck at 198/197lb. Am I eating too much? Not enough? I don’t eat the best sometimes but I always stick to my calories give or take. I’m really frustrated as I want to get to around 150lb and just seem to be stuck 🤷🏻‍♀️

Any advice?


  • dulcejimenez144
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    Are you weighing your food? Do you usually eat at work? Nearing your time of month?
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    How long have you been stuck?
  • Terytha
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    How long have you been stuck?

    I would really not get hung up on the scale. You're losing inches, which means you're losing fat. Weight is more than fat though, it's water, glycogen, poop, muscles, bones, etc. All those things mean you can lose fat while seemingly not losing weight: you could be easily retaining something else that's masking it.

    That's why time matters. We can really only call you stuck if it's been a month or more.
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    If you've been stuck for awhile, like 4-6 weeks or more (not just a few days), then I can almost guarantee you are eating more than you think. Given your job and activity level, 1330 calories would have you losing at a good rate - over time.

    Time is the most important component. All the things that @Terytha mentions, vary at different rates and different amplitudes. This means that they can all be at high levels at the same time (masking any weight fat loss) or low levels at the same time (exaggerating weight fat loss), or they can cancel each other out, leaving you with a possibly accurate picture of fat loss.

    Fat loss itself, with a relatively constant deficit will happen at a relatively linear rate. The other stuff is not only not linear, they don't operate in phase with each other. You need your fat loss over time to be bigger than the fluctuations to see it clearly.

    If it's been 4-6 weeks or more, then look at your logging/measuring. Weigh everything if you're not already.

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    There are mistakes that people commonly make that cause them to not lose weight that we might be able to spot if you change your Diary Sharing settings to Public: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/account/diary_settings
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    First main thing to look into if this has persisted for more than several weeks is what most people are recommending, you're food intake. Be sure you are weighing everything that can be weighed!