A good workout partner is so hard to find



  • ecjim
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    So... I train by myself
  • lorrpb
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    Yes, it’s more a lucky happenstance.
    Classes can be helpful, to give you accountability and commitment, find like minded people, and sometimes find someone to do other things with.
  • knightreader
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    That's why I work out alone.
  • rhtexasgal
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    I gave up and now train alone after my trainer abandoned me after 4.5 years of twice a week workouts. (He moved to a new gym without telling me but claims he did-ugh) He gave me the tools to work and now I can do it solo .. my 20 year old son started recently since his college has a formal gym (degree training for students and for the athletes) that is open to the public and so he works out with me on Saturdays and I show him how to use the equipment so he doesn't feel like a dork (his words) when he works out at school. Right now, I can outplank him and actually lift more weight with my legs but I am sure he will catch up and surpass me in no time! He has always been active but never really focused on weight training before. It's been fun even though he feels inadequate (his words again) because is mid-40's mom can outlift him!
  • DancingMoosie
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    Yes, it is. I have a friend who I got to workout with me. We do really well together. She's up for almost anything I throw at her. We aren't very evenly matched with cardio, but side by side treadmills and walking are fine. She loves lifting. But, life happens. She had to have shoulder surgery, we work different hours, I had hip pain last year, now we have family issues. I have another friend who likes to come workout with me in the weight room, but she's going through chemo and can't always make it. It's nice to have a buddy, but you have to be ok on your own.
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    I understand. When I first started getting active I tried to get others to come along with me.

    Many said "sure!", but never followed through. Or they would start, then fall off or make excuses. I quickly gave up and realized it's better to go at this fitness thing on my own and I'm so glad I did.

    Working out alone has been a great fit for me and I'm glad I didn't rely on others. Working out is my me time. Plus I can go at my own pace, do what I want when I want and I have no one slowing me down.
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